2001 Acura NSX

  • 2001 Acura NSX Base Coupe

    Base Coupe

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      3.0L V6
    • MSRP
  • 2001 Acura NSX T Convertible

    T Convertible

    • MAX MPG
    • SEATS
    • ENGINE
      3.0L V6
    • MSRP
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2001 Acura NSX Review

Ride like the filthy rich in this head turner.

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The 2001 Acura NSX is a distant relative of the Honda Accord. The NSX marks the most expensive Acura in the lineup. Through the years, Honda has used the NSX as its high-performance showcase vehicle. The vehicle represents Honda’s response to high-end sports cars like the Ferrari. The Acura’s main competition in today’s market remains the Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, and Porsche 911. The Acura looks sporty and seemingly built from the future. It provides a well-balanced option that moves gracefully on the road. That said, sales throughout the years have been disappointing. This results from Acura’s pricey and similar rides to models that offer more horsepower for half the price.

Honda might develop a less expensive, but more powerful, version for future release. Until then, the Acura NSX makes a great choice for anyone who can afford the high price tag. The all-aluminum body proves durable, with a comfy interior, and excellent ergonomics. The base uses a fixed-roof coupe body style, while the NSX-T trim has a lightweight removable roof panel.

The Range

Body Styles: two-door coupe
Engines: 3.0-liter V-6, 3.2-liter V-6
Transmissions: six-speed manual, four-speed automatic
Models: Acura NSX, Acura NSX-T

What's New

The 2001 Acura NSX shows no major changes from last year’s model.


Some may label the exterior aesthetics of the Acura NSX as radical. This exotic ride most assuredly turns heads. Designed in the early 1990s, the NSX has a somewhat futuristic look. Unlike other similarly designed sport cars from that time period, the NSX still looks contemporary in 2001. Its sleek look doesn’t look dated at all. The 2001 Acura NSX is a low-slung coupe with a sculpted, tapered body. It rides on a 99.6-inch wheelbase and comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels. Features include variable intermittent windshield wipers. In the back of the NSX sits an integrated spoiler with a center-mounted brake light.


The 2001 NSX seats two with 36.3 inches of front headroom and 44.3 inches of front legroom. The Acura NSX’s interior often gets likened to the cockpit of a jet fighter. The mid-mounted engine necessitates a reasonably sized trunk space in the front of the vehicle. The 2001 Acura NSX comes standard with air-conditioning, cruise control, four-way power bucket seats, leather seats, tilt steering, and a Bose cassette stereo with four speakers. All controls and instruments sit logically placed within reach of the driver. Even rear visibility seems better than with similar exotic sport cars.

Performance & Handling

The 2001 Acura NSX seems easy to drive and handles the pavement with grace and poise. The six-speed manual transmission brings the 3.2-liter ,V-6 engine to 290 hp, while the four-speed automatic transmission brings the three-liter V-6 engine to 252 hp.

While the Chevrolet Corvette can generate more horsepower for a fraction of the cost, the 2001 Acura NSX offers many advantages. The NSX utilizes rack and pinion steering with independent front and rear suspensions. It keeps quality and durability in mind. With proper maintenance, it seldom needs major repairs, although repairs can also get pricey when necessary. The steering feels razor sharp and the NSX provides a wonderful option for either daily commuting or joyriding.


The 2001 Acura NSX comes standard with dual front airbags, traction control, and all-disc anti-lock brakes. Side-impact airbags regrettably remain unavailable.

EPA Fuel Economy

Acura NSX: 15/22 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Great looks
  • Sheer performance
  • Comfortable interior
  • User-friendly cabin
  • Rear visibility

You Won't Like

  • High price
  • Less expensive options exist with more horsepower
  • Noisy interior
  • Dated engine
  • Possibility of expensive repairs

Sum Up

Ride like the filthy rich in this head turner.

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