Acura RSX

In 2001, Acura launched the Acura RSX in North America to replace the Acura Integra, as its fourth and final generation. With the launch of this generation, Acura renamed it in North America to keep in line with the change in its naming convention to an alphanumeric code. The acronym stands for "Rally Sports Experimental." This model had a short lifespan and production concluded in 2006, ending the Integra line for Honda.

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About the Acura RSX

The three-door hatchback Acura RSX is the smallest car available from Acura. There are two different versions of the vehicle: the base model and the Type-S model. The brand markets it in the luxury compact car category as an entry-level model. The goal behind the design of the fourth generation, and renaming of the car, is to create something roomier, quicker, and more refined than the Integra. It also attempts to distance buyers from the Integra name and move them towards the Acura brand.

Acura RSX Features

In 2005, the Acura RSX underwent a refresh, which included changes both inside and out of the vehicle. Of note is the change of engine in the Type-S version from the K20A2 to the K20Z1. With the new engine, the Type-S gains 10 horsepower. Other changes include tweaks to almost all of the systems that run the car. Measures taken with the design reduce the vehicle's noise and vibrations felt while driving. Both come equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, increased from the 16-inch wheels on the original version. The front and rear bumpers, lights, and grille also sport redesigns. Inside, the seats are more comfortable. Four additional color options also became available in 2005.

When Acura decided to expand its market outside of North American in 2006, it decided not to include the Acura RSX. While sales of the Acura RSX were good in North America, there didn't seem to be a place for it in the new global line up. In addition, the Honda Civic Si was introduced in 2006. This model delivers similar power for a lower price than the RSX. So in 2007, the Acura TSX replaced the Acura RSX as the brand's entry-level vehicle.

Acura RSX Evolution

While it shows close similarities to the Acura Integra, there are several noticeable changes from the third generation of the Integra to the Acura RSX. The two models have similar dimensions, but the Acura RSX stands taller than the Integra. With the additional height of the vehicle, the sport seats sit higher off the floor, and are slightly wider to those in the previous Integra. The rear seat is also slightly larger. The modification of the color scheme brightens the car.

In addition to the cosmetic changes to the size, shape, and style of the Acura RSX, it also boasts changes under the hood. The new model has a brand-new engine, which is entirely different from its predecessor. All Acura RSX models come equipped with a Honda K-series engine. This four-cylinder, four-stroke engine was introduced by Honda in 2001. The base model of the Acura RSX comes with the 2.0-liter K20A engine, while the Type-S model first had a K20A2 engine and then a K20Z1 engine from 2005 to 2006. The engines differ in the valve timing-control mechanisms installed, which affect the fuel efficiency of the engines.

When the Acura RSX was first launched for the 2002 line, the base model came with a five-speed automatic or manual transmission, while the Type-S version of the Acura RSX had only a six-speed manual. The Type-S serves as the sportier version of the base model, and as such, its engine boasts more horsepower.

Both versions of the Acura RSX have front-wheel drive. To cut costs, the Acura RSX has MacPherson struts in the front and double wishbone in the back, instead of having double-wishbone struts for both front and rear tires. When the line was first launched, this concerned some buyers, but the addition of the high-revving K-series engine quieted them.

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2006 Acura RSX

Coupe, Hatchback, Sports

Over the years, Acura has developed a fine reputation for style, sophistication, and performance.

2005 Acura RSX

Coupe, Hatchback, Sports

The 2005 Acura RSX is in its fourth season, and the company celebrates its wonderfully sporty coupe’s success with a full range of upgrades in both performance and styling.

2004 Acura RSX

Coupe, Hatchback, Sports

2003 Acura RSX

Coupe, Hatchback, Sports

The 2003 Acura RSX hatchback is a refined and comfortable car that combines everyday drivability with weekend warrior fun.

2002 Acura RSX

Coupe, Hatchback, Sports

The 2003 Acura RSX hatchback is a refined and comfortable car that combines daily use utility and weekend warrior driving fun.