Acura Sedan Buying Guide

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Acura ILX Sedan

2018-2013 |Hybrid, Midsize

Acura ILX Hybrid Sedan

2014 |Hybrid, Midsize

Acura Integra Sedan

2001-1995 |Sports

Depending on the market, the Integra was sold under Acura or Honda.

Acura Legend Sedan

1995 |Luxury

Along with the Acura Integra, the Acura Legend served as a launch vehicle for the Acura brand in the U.S.

Acura RL Sedan

2012-1996 |Luxury

The Acura RL is a four-door sedan in the midsize luxury sedan class.

Acura RLX Sedan

2019, 2017-2014 |Hybrid, Luxury

Acura RLX Hybrid Sedan

2017-2016, 2014 |Hybrid, Luxury

Acura TL Sedan

2014-1996 |Luxury

In 1995, Acura unveiled the new Acura TL as its car for the midsize luxury sedan category to replace the Acura Vigor.

Acura TLX Sedan

2018-2015 |Luxury

Acura TSX Sedan

2014-2004 |Midsize

Introduced in 2004, the Acura TSX is a sporty, entry-level luxury sedan that serves as Acura’s least expensive model.