Aston Martin DB9

British carmaker Aston Martin is one of the most revered and exclusive of all high-end sports car brands. The Aston Martin brand has endured for more than 90 years and has a well-earned reputation for producing cars that offer both high performance and refined British elegance. Of all the illustrious sport models Aston Martin has produced, its DB Series is perhaps the most celebrated. Famous as the vehicle of choice for Ian Fleming's fictional, super-secret agent James Bond, the DBs were produced during the 1950s and 1960s before being discontinued for nearly thirty years.

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Aston Martin DB9 History

In 1994, Aston Martin revived the DB line with the popular DB7. The DB7 enjoyed nearly a decade-long run before ultimately being replaced by the DB9 in 2004. The initials "DB" actually stand for David Brown, who owned Aston Martin for a significant part of the company's history. The DB9, as its name would suggest, is the ninth model to be emblazoned with the initials DB, and Mr. Brown would certainly be proud of the DB9, as it is unquestionably one of the sleekest sports cars.

Like the DB7 before it, the DB9 has been available as both a coupe and a convertible ever since it was first introduced in 2004. Both versions are powered by massive V-12 engines that were borrowed from the DB9's sister model, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. It is because of the car's V-12 engine that the DB9 was not called DB8, as the number eight might have suggested that the car was merely equipped with a V-8 engine.

Aston Martin DB9 Features

The DB9 maintains the classic Aston Martin style that brings the various models of DBs driven by Roger Moore and Sean Connery to mind. Yet the DB9 is a thoroughly modern affair, built on a high-tech aluminum platform.

The six-liter V-12 that powers the DB9 is capable of generating 470 horsepower and producing 443 lb-ft of torque. The car comes with the option of either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission, both of which are located at the rear transaxle to enable better distribution of weight.

The DB9 is available in either a 2+2 coupe or convertible body style. The car boasts a healthy list of options and offers a wide array of customizable color options. The Volante convertible edition has a softtop available in seven different colors, and the interior leather is available in a myriad of shades.

Both DB9 models come with standard 19-inch wheels, xenon headlights, and ample leather interior trim. Technological features include an onboard navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, and an audio system equipped with a six-CD changer, satellite radio, and iPod docking capability.

While the current DB9 might offer 1960s Aston Martin style and the interior comforts of an English club room, make no mistake about it – the DB9 was built to perform. The car's massive engine offers near-effortless acceleration, and the steering and brakes are responsive without being jumpy. The DB9 also offers a better-balanced ride than previous models, thanks to a new adaptive suspension.

The 2012 DB9 offers fuel economy of 13/20 MPG city/highway. Additional features include stability control and traction control, as well as eight-way power driver seats, passenger seats with adjustable lumbar support, bucket front seats, and side curtain airbags. Convenience features for the 2012 DB9 include cruise control, front cup holders, remote trunk release, front and rear parking sensors, and tilt and telescopic steering wheel.

If you're in the market for a high-end exotic sports car that offers all the comforts of a British gentlemen's club, the DB9 is certainly the car for you. After all, despite what the title of a certain Bond film may tell you, you only live once.

Aston Martin DB9 Products and Technology

The DB9 was introduced in 2004 and became widely available in 2005. Early models produced between 2005 and 2008 have interior controls that are less ergonomic than more recent models. This makes adjusting the climate and stereo more of a distraction. Also, navigation controls on models produced before 2008 consist of lower-quality switchgear.

Newer models also feature revised suspensions that provide for a smoother ride than earlier models of the DB9. Other drawbacks to earlier editions include rougher shifting capabilities. Prior to 2007, the DB9 was only available with an automatic transmission.

In 2011, active dampers were added to the DB9. These provided the car with added spring and handling. However, for models prior to the 2011, an optional Sports Pack was available that provided the same features along with shock and anti-roll bar settings.

Select an Aston Martin DB9 Year

2016 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

2015 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

2014 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

2013 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The 2013 Aston Martin DB9 delivers performance, style, and comfort.

2012 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

After receiving a face-lift last year, the 2012 DB9 returns with few changes. The six-speed manual and five-spoke forged alloy wheels are no longer available. Yellow brake calipers are now optional, and a Garmin satellite navigation system replaces the old unit.

2011 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

While it’s considered one of the best-looking cars money can buy, the 2011 Aston Martin D89 British sports also car very drives well.

2010 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

In 2009, the convertible DB9 Volante was added to the lineup, and previously the DB9’s V-12 was bumped from 450 to 470 horsepower. Changes for 2010 are nil.

2009 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

Aston Martin builds high-performance sports cars, and the 2009 Aston Martin DB9 makes no exception.

2008 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

There are many words one could use to describe the 2008 Aston Martin DB9, but one of them would definitely be beautiful.

2007 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The 2007 Aston Martin DB9 appeals to drivers who want a high-performance vehicle with a ton of power and super cool aesthetics, but don't want to spend a fortune on a car like the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

2006 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The Aston Martin DB9 line introduced an all-new model in 2005.

2005 Aston Martin DB9

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The Aston Martin DB9 was introduced in 2003 as an updated continuation of the long-popular DB7.