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The Aston Martin Virage was introduced in 1989 as a successor to the outdated V8 models that had lingered for decades in Aston's lineup. The original Virage enjoyed a successful run throughout the 1990s, before it was discontinued in 2000 to make way for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

However, in February of 2011, Aston unveiled a new version of the Virage at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Aston Martin Virage Evolution

The original Aston Martin Virage enjoyed a long and successful run, during which there were several variations of the model introduced. Unlike the current model, Virages during the 1990s were powered by V-8 engines.

At the time of its release, the original Virage boasted a design that was fresh and modern-looking. The chassis of the Virage was based on a Lagonda, and the car was noted for its sleek-looking headlights and taillights. However, unlike the current model Virage, the original was produced with a variety of parts from different manufacturers including Audi, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, and Jaguar. In spite of its all-aluminum body, the original Virage was a large and heavy car. During the course of its run, Aston Martin introduced a number of variants on the original Virage.

In 1992, Aston introduced the Virage Volante convertible model. It was available as both a strict two-seater and a 2+2. There was also a long-chassis model Virage Volante that was built briefly from 1997 through 2000.

Another variation introduced during the Virage's initial run was the Virage Vantage. Not to be confused with the current model Aston Martin Vantage, the Virage Vantage was a high-performance variant that was produced between 1993 and 2000. However, like many Aston Martin variants, the Virage Vantage soon overtook the model that introduced it and became the only Virage available.

About the Aston Martin Virage

The latest Virage nestled into the middle of the company's 2012 vehicle lineup, right between the DB9 and the Aston Martin DBS, the brand's flagship-model.

The revised version of the Aston Martin Virage was created, in part as an attempt to translate the enthralling and expansive experience of driving the four-door Aston Martin Rapide into the form of a sport coupe. Although the Virage takes the DB9 as its point of departure stylistically, It is faster than the DB9 and occupies the market segment between the DB9 and Aston's top-of-the-line DBS model. The Virage is available in both a convertible and coupe version and vies for attention in the same segment of the market as vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Maserati Gran Turismo coupe.

Modern Aston Martin Virages

The 2012 Virage is a two-door sports car that is available as both a convertible and a coupe. Seating configurations for the current model Virage include the basic 2-seater and 2+2. The new model Virage is powered by a six-liter V-12 engine that's capable of delivering 490 horsepower and generating 420 lb-ft of torque.

The Virage is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just over four seconds. The Aston Martin Virage is intended to provide added power and refinement when compared to the DB9. According to Aston Martin, the Virage replicates the athletic but luxuriant driving experience of the four-door Rapide in a more compact two-door coupe.

In terms of transmission, the Virage features a six-speed automatic transaxle, similar to what you'd find in the current model of DB9, DBS, or Rapide. The Virage is also equipped with a new iteration of the adaptive damping system featured in most recent models of Aston Martin.

The Virage also boasts a Sport button mounted on its dash that instantly sharpens the throttle response, quickens the gear changing, and prevents the transmission from automatically upshifting when it starts to redline. According to Aston, the Virage is capable of hitting a top speed of 186 mph. That means the standard carbon-ceramic disc brakes could come in handy.

In addition to offering able-bodied athleticism on the performance front, the 2012 Virage is also a looker. Using the DB9 as a point of departure, Aston's designers slightly reshaped the front end to look sharper with headlights similar to those found on a Ferrari 458 Italia. Other exterior features include an LED strip and diodes integrated into the fender vent.

Climb inside the Virage and you'll find the sort of opulent and finely tailored interior you'd expect in an Aston Martin. With leather bucket seats, a leather-trimmed parcel shelf, and ergonomic instrument controls, the interior of the Aston Martin Virage is a study in functional elegance.

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2012 Aston Martin Virage

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The Virage is claimed to be an all-new model, refined from the DB9. Subtle front and rear styling and standard carbon ceramic brakes help distinguish it from its lesser stablemate.