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2002 Audi Allroad Review

The versatility of an SUV coupled with the handling of a sedan

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The Audi Allroad Quattro debuted for the 2001 model year to provide a vehicle that could compete with SUVs. As such, little has changed with the release of the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro. Because Audi does not offer an SUV, it came up with the Allroad Quattro design that incorporates all-wheel drive and a variable height suspension that lifts and lowers the car based on the condition of the road. This five-door wagon can seat up to five passengers, and is as comfortable to drive on the road as it is off.

The Range

Body styles: five-door wagon
Engines: 2.7-liter V-6
Transmissions: six-speed manual, five-speed automatic Tiptronic
Models: Audi Allroad Quattro

What's New

The only change seen with the launch of the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro is an increase in the list of options that are available. New options for the 2002 model include a heated steering wheel that can include controls for the automatic Tiptronic transmission if also installed, and the OnStar system. A new Sport mode was added to the Tiptronic transmission.


The 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro is based on the Audi A6 Avant model, but modified to make it look more like an off-road vehicle than its station wagon counterpart. Bumpers, wheel arch trim, and side cladding were all modified to change the overall look of the Audi Allroad Quattro away from the A6 Avant. Also, unique 17-inch tires with tread for off-road travel were fitted on the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro. Finally, the height of the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro can be adjusted from 5.6 inches of ground clearance for on the roads to 8.2 inches to allow for off-road conditions. At its maximum height, the ground clearance of the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro is higher than that provided by some car and truck-based SUVs.


The interior of the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro is roomy, but three adults in the rear seat will be crowded. Four adults will have more than enough room to be seated comfortably no matter the length of the ride. The interior is fitted with high quality materials and plenty of standard luxury features to ensure the maximum comfort of all passengers. Leather upholstery and walnut trim lend to a feeling of elegance within the cabin. Additional packages provide even more luxury features such as heated front and rear seats, memory power front seats, and a GPS navigation system.

The cargo area in the rear provides plenty of room for storage, but can be increased by folding down the 60/40 split rear bench seats. A rear-facing row of seats for two passengers is optional. The amount of space is really only suitable for children, but it can be removed or folded into the floor when not in use.

Performance & Handling

The 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro is powered by a 2.7-liter V-6 engine, which is the same one found in the 2002 Audi A6 2.7T. It is a twin-turbocharged engine that produces 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission is standard, while a five-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission is an option. The Quattro all-wheel drive system monitors the grip of all four wheels and adjusts power between them to optimize road adhesion.

Steering and handling are precise, and the all-wheel drive system keeps the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro firmly planted on the pavement even through the tightest turns. Acceleration off the line can be slow, but it’s quick to pick up speed, and the engine provides ample power for passing and maneuvering at speed. Going off road is easy, as the suspension uses monitors to adjust the ground clearance height with the push of a button by the driver.


Standard safety equipment for the 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro includes anti-lock brakes, stability control, front airbags, and side curtain airbags. Side airbags for the front passengers are standard while rear airbags are optional. The Side guard airbags installed by Audi are specifically designed to protect the head and neck from striking the roof pillars, and they stay inflated for five seconds after the impact to protect passengers from a secondary impact or the car rolling over.

EPA Fuel Economy

Audi Allroad Quattro: 14/19 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Precise steering, handling and cornering
  • Height adjustable suspension
  • Solid build quality
  • Style and quality of interior

You Won't Like

  • Engine with more power would be better
  • Lag in acceleration from a stop

Sum Up

The versatility of an SUV coupled with the handling of a sedan

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