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Audi Allroad Quattro models stand out from other offroad vehicles by mixing the advantages of a high-performance car with the mild off-road abilities like many crossovers and SUVs. Sales in the United States, however, lagged because of issues regarding the vehicle's mechanical reliability and the high price of repairing the sophisticated air suspension system. The low sales compelled Audi to remove the Allroad Quattro from the North American market so that it could concentrate on offering European drivers with continued and improved Allroad Quattro models.

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Audi Allroad Quattro Origins

In 1999, the Audi Allroad Quattro was introduced to European and North American markets. The first generation shared a platform with the Audi A6 Avant station wagon. The Audi Allroad Quattro, however, offered several features that distinguished it from the Avant.

About the Audi Allroad Quattro

The Audi Allroad Quattro is best known for its innovative air suspension system. This suspension system gives greater control to the driver by allowing the driver to raise or lower the vehicle at will. This makes it possible for the Allroad Quattro to offer maximum handling on a wide variety of surfaces. Lowering the Allroad Quattro improves handling and performance on paved streets. Raising the Allroad Quattro makes it possible to drive on uneven terrain.

A powerful engine and adjustable suspension make the Audi Allroad Quattro one of the most versatile vehicles on the road. North American consumers, however, did not purchase as many of the Allroad Quattros as Audi had expected. In some respects, the vehicle's positive attributes did not appeal to an American audience. Many of them did not want a vehicle that felt like a cross between a car and an SUV; they wanted one or the other. Sales were also dampened by the Allroad Quattro's reputation for poor reliability and the high price of repairing the sophisticated suspension system.

Audi released the second generation Audi Allroad Quattro in 2006, but the company chose to focus on the European market instead of letting the meager sales compete with the manufacturer's more popular Q5 and Q7 models, which were bulkier crossovers that appealed to American buyers.

Audi Allroad Quattro Evolution

While the Audi Allroad Quattro looked like a beefed-up A6 Avant, it possessed several distinguishing characteristics that differentiated the Allroad Quattro from other Audi vehicles. The Allroad Quattro, for instance, came standard with larger tires than other Audi vehicles, thus allowing it to tackle more troublesome terrain than the average car. The Allroad Quattro also had flared unpainted bumpers that set it apart from other vehicles. The true distinguishing characteristic of the early Allroad Quattro, though, was its advanced air suspension system.

The Audi Allroad Quattro air suspension system makes it easy for drivers to operate their vehicles in a wider variety of terrains. The suspension of the Allroad Quattro could lift the vehicle up to eight inches off the ground. A driver approaching an overgrown path, therefore, could have the suspension system lift the vehicle's body higher so that he or she could pass easily. Such a high suspension, however, is not always desired. High suspension can make it difficult for drivers to handle sharp curves and can result in unsatisfactory handling even in normal driving conditions. The Allroad Quattro suspension solves this problem by lowering the vehicle to six inches off the ground. At the same time, the system stiffens its dampers, resulting in a sporty feel that drivers would enjoy on paved surfaces.

The Audi Allroad Quattro also made use of Audi's Quattro all-wheel-drive technology, which delivers equal power to each wheel. This allows maximum control on a wider variety of surfaces and gives drivers the extra strength they need for offroad adventures.

Modern Audi Allroad Quattros

Audi marketed the 2011 Allroad Quattro as an A6, of which there are various designs from which consumers could choose. The Allroad Quattro, however, was the only one that offers the air suspension system.

Select an Audi Allroad Year

2017 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

2016 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

2015 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

2014 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

2013 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

The 2013 Audi Allroad seems to be trying to combine a standard wagon like its predecessor, the Avant, with some of the sensibilities of a crossover.

2005 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

The 2005 Allroad classifies as a sport wagon manufactured by Audi AG.

2004 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

The Audi Allroad is a wagon-styled off-pavement, semi-off-road vehicle.

2003 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

The 2003 Audi Allroad wagon has the signature grille in the front with the four circles branding.

2002 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

The Audi Allroad Quattro debuted for the 2001 model year to provide a vehicle that could compete with SUVs.

2001 Audi Allroad

Luxury, Wagon

The 2001 Audi Allroad features great exterior and interior styling.