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2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe Debut

Hyundai rounds out its Elantra lineup with a much anticipated two door

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What's New

The 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe is going to make things even tougher for the Korean company. See, the Hyundai Elantra--currently sedan-only--is by any measure a sales success. Hyundai literally can't make them fast enough to keep up with demand. It's a pretty good problem to have, of course, but it does make you wonder why it would suddenly introduce a downright sexy coupe version of its compact car. How they'll meet demand is anybody's guess...there are still just the 24 hours in each day, right?

Who It's For

We'll tell you who the Elantra Coupe is for: Civic Coupe buyers. The Civic Coupe isn't the most popular model in the Civic lineup, but it accounts for a good chunk of buyers. Hyundai wants in on that market, and it's wide open, as there are very few two-door competitors for the Civic. Expect the Coupe to be snapped up by stylish college grads who need two doors to express their unwillingness to start families.

Key Features

Under its sexy skin--and it really is a good looking car--the Elantra Coupe isn't much different than the sedan version.
  • Manual transmission: The Coupe will be available with a manual transmission regardless of what model you choose. This is a change from the sedan, which only has a manual available in the base model.
  • It's sporty: Hyundai emphasizes its sportiness with its available models--GS and SE, no fancy-schmancy Limited here--and with touches like sporty bucket seats.
  • It's actually a midsize: While the Civic Coupe is still solidly in the compact car camp, the Elantra Coupe's big trunk and interior nudge it into midsize territory, albeit barely.
  • Fuel economy: Like the Elantra Sedan, the Elantra Coupe gets 40 mpg, regardless of whether you pick the manual or automatic transmission.

What We Think

The Elantra line has been a smash hit for Hyundai, so introducing a coupe version to mop up those last few sales is a no brainer. Just be ready for more breathless "Hyundai breaks new sales record" coverage at the beginning of each month.

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