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2015 Lincoln Navigator Debut

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator shows off updated styling featuring premium materials.

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What's New

Lincoln has been making a comeback with the debut of new models, and for the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the automaker will be introducing the significantly refreshed 2015 Navigator. Although this isn't a new model, the updates will make you think otherwise. The new Navigator will be available in both a standard and long wheelbase option, adding to the overall luxury of the vehicle. Lincoln has added a new split-hair grille, a heavily updated interior with leather and wood accents, and standard 20-inch wheels. Lincoln will also introduce the EcoBoost engine lineup to the 2015 Navigator for extra fuel savings and power.

Who It's For

The Lincoln Navigator was one of the first and most popular full-size SUVs back in the day, and through the years, it has failed to keep its popularity as models like the Cadillac Escalade entered the market. However, for the new model year, the automaker has upped its game. The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is the perfect luxury family hauler, and with the help of the EcoBoost engine, won't cost a pretty penny to fill up. Families on the go, as well as those looking to ride in style, will enjoy the heavily refreshed model loaded with premium options to keep even the most picky buyers engaged and excited.

Key Features

The 2015 Lincoln Navigator, while not an entirely new model, has some pretty great updates that will help to propel Lincoln back into the game.
  • EcoBoost engine lineup
  • Heavily updated interior with premium materials
  • Updated exterior styling with split-hair grille

What We Think

Thanks to the financial crisis back in 2009, Lincoln decided to let this model fall by the wayside. Now that the economy is turning around, the automaker has decided to pick up where it left off and bring the Navigator to the forefront of customers' minds. As Ford has seen great success with its EcoBoost engine lineup, the company has decided to implement them in the 2015 Navigator, hoping to boost sales and increase fuel economy. Lincoln's flagship SUV has come a long way and has received very important updates, but we aren't sure if it will be enough to help increase sales. We'll have to wait until we get behind the wheel before making a final judgment.

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