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2013 Lexus LX570

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What's New
The 2013 Lexus LX570 rolls into the new model year with a facelift and some interior tweaks. Lexus is looking to revamp its large SUV, giving it a sportier exterior and shedding its dowdy exterior styling. A 5.7-liter V-8 engine powers the full-size Lexus, and all of the usual accessories will now come standard as well. Technology as always plays a major role inside and out. The electronically controlled suspension is revamped, and the new headlight design uses automatic xenon headlights, fog lamps, and LED daytime running lights. Inside, four-zone climate control, heated seats, and a power-folding third row of seating for eight will be present.

Who's It For
If you like the great outdoors but the Toyota Land Cruiser doesn't offer enough luxury, the Lexus LX 570 is a more than adequate substitute, as long as you have an extra $10,000 for the Lexus though. While some may say the LX 570 hasn't much of a looker that all changes after this facelift. Power is something the LX570 has never lacked as a 5.7-liter V-8 engine churns out 383 horsepower and 403 pound-feet of torque which is more than enough to pull a boat, camper, or whatever else you feel is necessary. The interior offers modern amenities like a rearview camera, navigation system with real-time traffic and weather updates, and Bluetooth capabilities.

Key Features
The 2013 Lexus LX 570 is the latest rendition of a luxury SUV that offers modern amenities both inside and out. Some of these features include:

  • Interior: The LX 570 is lined with features like four-zone automatic climate control, a rearview back-up camera, and a navigation that offers real-time weather and traffic updates.
  • Engine: For such a heavy SUV the LX 570 doesn't show it when accelerating. A 5.7-liter V-8 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission gives Lexus' behemoth SUV a smooth ride no matter what surface it's on.
  • Reliability: While other competitors continue to struggle with it the Lexus LX 570 is consistently one of the most reliable off-roading vehicles offered to date.

What We think
There aren't many things better than having the ability to go off-roading whenever the feeling arises and being able to do so in style. The 2013 Lexus LX 570 has long been known to be versatile and handle whatever is thrown its way. While it's more expensive than some of its competition, you won't have to worry about reliability, important if you enjoy putting your vehicle through the off-road paces. The LX 570's updated front-end and "spindle" grille finally gives this big brute an exterior worth noting. We also look forward to scoring some wheel time with the luxury SUV and see if once again the 2013 Lexus LX570 is worth the money and can handle the vigorous demands of going off-road.

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