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Acura NSX Concept Debut

Acura re-reintroduces its NSX concept, this time with an interior.

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Not much has changed in the year since we were introduced to the Acura NSX Concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Unfortunately, we have two more years until the car begins production. With that long of a wait, and to keep the supercar fresh in the public's mind, Acura again teased an updated concept, this time with a working interior and a few subtle tweaks to the styling.

Acura calls these tweaks an evolution of the design in its attempt to fuse man with machine. For the most part, Acura was successful in this endeavor. The NSX Concept's wedge shape sits low and wide, and it evokes a sophisticated but visceral emotion.

“This further evolution of the Acura NSX Concept design is remarkably true to the original concept styling,” said Mike Accavitti, vice president of national marketing operations. “We’re making great progress in delivering on the expectations we created a year ago, with advanced technology that will bring new levels of performance and a unique, dynamic experience to the exotic sports car market.”

Of that advanced technology, Acura has been mum. True to the original supercar of the 90s, though, we know the next NSX will receive a mid-engine hybrid V-6, but in keeping with Acura's commitment to the environment and next-gen technology, the NSX will also come equipped with two additional front-wheel powered electric motors, promising elevated power and previously unseen levels of fuel efficiency in the supercar class. In addition to the powertrain, Acura is promising the inclusion of its own Super Handling All-Wheel Drive.

Though we didn't get to sit in it, Acura did show off one version of an interior design, which was highlighted by a seating position and layout similar to the original car.

This probably won't be the last time we see an NSX Concept, but today's press conference highlighted just how far away we are from actual road time.

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