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Honda Urban SUV Concept Debut

The Honda Urban SUV Concept might be the next Fit Crossover

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What's New

For 2014, Honda plans on expanding the Fit platform. Speculation says the Urban SUV Concept will be the first look at one iteration of the next-generation model, a compact crossover that will slot into Honda's lineup below the current CR-V. Little else is known about next Fit, but in addition to the crossover, we expect there to be a sedan and, of course, a hatchback.

Who It's For

The Fit is a popular sub-compact, though it traditionally has a quirky, hatchback kind of look and utility. Among the leaders in its segment, it's for the active, versatile, and mpg-minded crowd. If the Urban SUV Concept really is a form of the next-gen Fit, then this model would play to families whose pocketbooks are concerned about price and fuel economy.

Key Features

At the moment, very little is known about the Urban SUV Concept. At the unveil, we didn't get a look inside, and the windows were dark anyway. We suspect it'll be a two-row crossover with a spacious central trunk, similar to the Fit's multi configurable rear seats. Honda promises three F's: fun to drive, class-leading fuel efficiency, and function. We'd expect nothing less from a Fit-based crossover. As always, we'll provide more details in the months to come as they become available.

What We Think

The 2014 Honda Urban SUV Concept will eventually be an all new model, and it will share architecture with the upcoming Honda Fit, and its global sister, the City. All three models will be built at Honda's new facility in Mexico. The next Fit, meanwhile, will bow in Spring 2014 in Japan before it comes stateside, and it'll be followed by the Urban SUV Concept by fall of the same year. At the moment, Honda has not announced any pricing or engine or mileage specifics, but the brand did say it will be powered by an all new EarthDreams engine family, and that it promises to be equally fun, fuel efficient, and functional.

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