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Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept Debut

Attractive SUV with diesel plug-in hybrid efficiency?

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What's New

The Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept is a new mid-size SUV concept with three-row seating. The CrossBlue SUV features a unique powertrain combination--a diesel engine paired with an electric plug-in motor--which works to give the SUV a combined fuel economy rating of 35 mpg. Germans have long used diesel engines as a fuel efficient option, while Americans have traditionally preferred hybrids. The Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept merges these two, and creates a unique and efficient three-row option. The sleek crossover features LED headlights with aluminum accents, and design language consistent with Volkswagen's Tiguan and Touareg crossovers. The interior is spacious and features clean lines and six individual seats. A production version would feature an optional bench in the second row, to allow for seating for up to seven. And while Volkswagen is calling this a concept, the Crossblue--with a few minor tweaks-- looks like it's ready to join the Tiguan and Touareg.

Who It's For

With three dedicated rows and seating for six or seven passengers, Volkswagen is aiming for families with its mid-size CrossBlue Concept. And with the ultra-efficient pairing of a diesel engine and plug-in electric hybrid motor, the crossover's 35 combined mpg will appeal to eco-minded shoppers who need added versatility. Shoppers looking for an alternative to the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Honda Pilot, or Ford Explorer with its EcoBoost engine may be enticed by Volkswagen's newest offering.

Key Features

The Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept is a mid-size diesel-hybrid crossover with seating for up to seven passengers.
  • Efficiency. The pairing of an already fuel-efficient diesel engine, with an electrically-powered motor, delivers an estimated 35 mpg combined.
  • Spacious, fresh, and in keeping with Volkswagen's clean and modern design aesthetic.
  • Versatility. The CrossBlue Concept has offers seating for six, but a production version would feature a second-row bench, allowing up to seven occupants.
  • Near Production. Volkswagen is calling this a concept, but there isn't the usual in-the-clouds airiness, or ridiculous or imaginative features. This one is likely to see production daylight.

What We Think

Volkswagen is coming off of an exceptional year, lead by several strong offerings. The CrossBlue Concept--if it gets the production greenlight--would add another crossover to Volkswagen's lineup, one that is exceptionally versatile and fuel efficient. With the economy and environment on the minds of many Americans, the industry has seen a trend towards smaller crossovers. But there is still a market for three-row versatility, and a progressive powertrain option such as a diesel plug-in hybrid could allow buyers to drive a larger crossover, while still getting great fuel economy. The question remains, are Americans, who are slowly warming up to diesels, ready for a diesel plug-in hybrid?

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