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Audi Concept Crossover Debut

Is it a coupeover or a crosscoupe?

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What's New

Audi is starting to offer a wider array of small car offerings, and in this tradition, the automaker is showcasing a small utility vehicle for Detroit. But this new vehicle is unique–it has just two doors and an avant-garde design. The new Audi concept crossover also promises an electrified, all-wheel drive powertrain, giving it the "e-tron quattro" designation.

Just 13.8 feet long, the new Audi crossover is small and close in size to the not-for-U.S. Q1. The shooting brake-line roofline resembles a coupe while the high ground clearance and Tonka truck large wheels hark back to a traditional SUV. Angular front headlamps and sleek body lines that run the length of the car enhance the car's eccentric look.

Having now seen it in the sheetmetal, we can confirm that what the Audi allroad crossover concept is is a next-generation Audi TT that has been wagonized, raised, beefed up, and altered to the point where its next-generation styling can remain intact without Audi showing all of its cards for the 2015 sports car just yet.

Who It's For

If the car reaches production, we imagine it would appeal to eco-minded buyers looking for superior performance and versatility. The race-inspired interior suggests the car would also appeal to the athletic-minded. This car should be able to tackle the snow and haul a reasonable amount of outdoor equipment, but the raked roofline and two-door layout will limit utility.

We aren't quite sure which vehicles will go head to head with the Audi crossover concept should it go on sale. Its appearance strongly resembles the efficient and stylish Range Rover Evoque Coupe. On the other hand, it may also compete with Audi's own Q1 model when it is released in a few years. But seeing as this is a precursor to the Audi TT, you can bet that this larger, more dynamic sports car will likely see competition in the BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster, and Mercedes-Benz SLK.

Key Features

Change the roofline of the Audi allroad crossover coupe to the rounded look of the TT, lower it a few inches, and get rid of the body cladding, and you should have a fairly good idea of what the next-gen small Audi sports car should look like. We should say that while, dimensionally, it looks small on-paper, this car looks to increase the size of the TT. Some of our staffers weren't fans of the bigger looks.

What We Think

This concept vehicle definitely caught our eye with is bold design and two-door layout. Since Audi is still planning its e-tron vehicle lineup, we can't really be sure how consumers will react to this product.

As a crossover, we think a design like this holds promise, especially given its e-tron green cred. As a precursor to the Audi TT, we're not sure the car is what we want to see. Let's see what it looks like in production form.

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