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Volvo Concept XC Coupe Debut

Volvo sheds its stodgy image with a hot new coupe.

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What's New

The Volvo Concept XC Coupe is an evolution of another concept car Volvo introduced a few months back. Both are very similar in their avant-garde design, but the new concept features a higher rising, crossover-like body as well as larger wheels. Bit by bit, Volvo is building its way to the next-generation XC90, and as a result, we can expect some of the design elements we see on this new concept to make it into the production version of Volvo's largest crossover.

Inspired by the design of sports equipment, Volvo is promoting an active, adventure-oriented lifestyle with its new Concept XC Coupe. But Volvo is also in the business of keeping people safe, which is why the car features high-strength steel and its new Scalable Product Architecture that promises superior safety. Inside the car, it looks like there is room for four people to sit in relative comfort.

Who It's For

Volvo is targeting consumers who engage in extreme sports or who generally have active lifestyles. The car not only looks sporty but is able to accommodate sports equipment with fold flat rear seats and plenty of sports-oriented extras. Like all Volvos, the car also appeals to those who value luxury and safety as their primary concerns.

If Volvo includes some of the design cues of this concept onto a future production vehicle, we think that the more engaging style will attract new buyers. Many cars in Volvo's lineup, including the XC90, are in serious need of a refresh inside and out before they can capture some serious attention. Perhaps buyers of the BMW X5 and Audi Q7 will consider shopping Volvo this time around.

Key Features

Since this is not a production car, we only know of a few features available in this car:
  • 360-degree camera system and surround radar
  • 21-inch wheels
  • roof rack for sports equipment

What We Think

We are excited to see some fresh new design come out of Volvo, and we hope that many elements from this concept version come out on the future XC90. But we think that Volvo will end up toning down a lot of these features for production. Most obviously, a production crossover would likely not offer just two doors as in the concept. But the bright, detailed headlights as well as the fierce long taillights are very practical elements that may make their way into new vehicles.

Considering how long we've been waiting for an updated XC90 (about 10 years to be exact), we are looking forward to seeing how this concept seeps through to the production vehicle.

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