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2013 Dodge Charger Daytona Debut

Dodge Charger Daytona gets a nostalgic mid-model lift from its past

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What's New

The Dodge Charger returns in 2013, but with one major nostalgic addition: the Daytona performance package. While it's true that most of the car is simply carryover from 2012, this limited edition Daytona adds some rarity to the mix, including a performance rear-axle ratio, four new colors, and a number of nostalgic badges. For just under $30,000 (and just under $33,00 for the R/T Road & Track model), 2,500 hot rodded muscle car shoppers will get the best selling V-8 sedan in America, with a 370-horsepower Hemi to boot.

Who It's For

The Charger, and especially the Hemi-powered R/T and SRT8 Charger, has never had a problem attracting muscle car fans, but the Charger Daytona is the latest in a line of nostalgic renditions aimed at the go-fast and go-loud crowd. Except that the Charger, a sedan, can also boast being practical: it has four doors and can get up to 25 mpg on the highway. In that manner--and it's certainly a reach--one can conclude that the 2013 Dodge Charger Daytona is a family sedan. A really fast, really fun family sedan matched only by high-end German machinery that costs a lot more money.

Key Features

For collectors, the biggest selling point is that Dodge will only make 2,500 Daytonas. Which means you need to snap one up quick. Much of the visual differences for the 2013 Charger Daytona, though, are its aesthetic appointments, like the hood stripes, roof wrap, and R/T spoiler. Look for these features, in addition:
  • Four new colors: Daytona Blue, Bright White, Billete Silver, and Pitch Black
  • 20-inch, five-spoke, polished-aluminum wheels
  • A performance 3.06 rear-axle ratio
  • Performance steering and suspension
  • Beats audio

What We Think

Though we're not fond of costly aesthetic refreshes and special trims, we're never too ashamed to admit that we very much like the Hemi-powered Charger, and we'll jump behind the wheel of one at any opportunity.

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