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Hyundai Veloster C3 Concept Debut

If three doors weren't quirky enough, a roof that rolls forward and back.

What's New

The Hyundai Veloster arrived last year with three doors, laden with amenities and no shortage of styling. The Veolster C3 Concept builds on the three-door coupe's quirkiness with a roof that slides forwards and backwards. The C3 stands for Convertible Three-Door, but the open-air is just one of several new Veloster aspects. The hatchback is swapped for a tailgate, which Hyundai says gives the C3 added functionality. When the top is rolled forward, you can stick a surfboard or bike in back. Playing off of the Veloster's urban appeal, Hyundai stuck a "fixie" fixed gear bike in back to show off the Concept, but also to play upon the customizable facet of the C3. Fixies can be easily customized, and Hyundai gave the Concept model C3 a teal-colored wheel that matched the rear-wheel of the fixie bike to show-off its customizable properties.

Who It's For

The Veloster targeted younger urbanites looking for style and functionality without the sports car pricing, and the Veloster C3 Concept retains much of the same characteristics. While the C3 is very much a concept, a convertible or retractable-roof Veloster would be a logical addition to the Korean automaker's lineup. Perfect for beach-goers and active people looking to escape the city for the day or weekend, the versatility of two-way roof has noticeable appeal. Powered by the same engine as the Veloster Turbo, key competitors to the C3 would include the Mini Cooper S Convertible, and the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible turbo models.

Key Features

The Hyundai Veloster C3 Convertible adds open-air fun to the three-door Hyundai Veloster coupe.
  • Roll-top retractable roof slides forwards and backwards
  • Tailgate insures you can store odd and oblong objects like surf boards and bikes
  • 1.6-liter 201 hp turbo engine means the C3 is no slouch
  • Unique features like a cargo floor made from repurposed skateboards

What We Think

When it debuted just over a year ago, the Hyundai Veloster was a huge success. It's logical that Hyundai would look to add a convertible model to its range, something that is noticeably absent at present. But the Veloster C3 is very much a concept car and far from production. Using repurposed truck tarp netting and skateboards as building materials could work for a limited trim, but not a full-fledged production convertible. Still, Hyundai has shown us that a convertible Veloster may be on its way in the not too distant future, and that's something we'd welcome.

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