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2014 Honda Civic Debut

Bit by bit, the Honda Civic is regaining its place as a top compact car.

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What's New

Honda is beginning to make a full recovery from the ill-received redesign of the Civic back in 2012. Criticized for its chintzy materials and road roughness, the Civic sedan has since improved with a new instrument panel, a little more power, and a new front and back end design. Further upgrades are in store for 2014, including a much-improved navigation system that allows drivers to zoom in on a part of the map without losing their orientation. The car also comes with better fuel economy, thanks to weight reductions and a new continuously variable automatic transmission, replacing the five-speed automatic currently used across the lineup. The Civic will come with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder VTEC engine producing 143 horsepower and 129 lb.-ft. of torque good for a combined 33 mpg.

The two-door coupe model receives more changes, now sporting a fiercer look that differentiates it clearly from the sedan. It features a bolder spoiler, strong fender line, and unique top and bottom headlights. The Civic Si is also back for 2014, featuring an upgraded 205 horsepower and a revised suspension to continue to please performance-oriented buyers.

Who It's For

Civic buyers have always been looking for a practical solution to the daily commute. The Civic will continue to please buyers in terms of fuel economy and value. The model, particularly the coupe, appeals to young buyers but is suitable for all groups in the market for a small car.

While continuing its promise on practicality, the Civic will add in a bit more fun than before. But now that the Corolla has been redesigned for 2014, it is hard to say that the Civic, even with the Si model, is the more exciting of the two. It also has a lot of other competition out there, including the Ford Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, and a hundred other models.

Key Features

The Civic brings enhanced sportiness and technology for 2014.
  • New touchscreen that is easy to use, only displays the touch buttons you need when you need them
  • Standard smart start and entry on EX trim
  • Improved navigation
  • 30/39 mpg city/highway

What We Think

A couple weeks ago, we had a chance to briefly drive the 2014 Honda Civic with the new interior and CVT transmission. While our time with the car was brief, we can safely say that Honda has, at last, addressed every issue that we had about the original 2012 car. It looks better, it drives better, the infotainment system works much better--Cadillac could take a cue from Honda on this, pun definitely intended--and the new transmission is a definite improvement over the old five-speed automatic. Slowly but surely, the Civic is making a strong comeback in its segment. With these final enhancements, we can safely say that the Civic is one of the top contenders among small cars and will appeal to a wide range of buyers. The breadth of the lineup, including coupes, sedans, hybrids, natural gas, HF models, and leather and navigation trims, will broaden its appeal. The Civic goes on sale December 4, while the Si versions are introduced later in March 2014.

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