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2014 Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase Debut

The 2014 Range Rover Long Wheelbase offers extended comfort.

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What's New

Land Rover is bringing longer version of the popular 2014 Range Rover, which adds eight inches to the wheelbase, which is the area between the front and rear wheels. The level of comfort and luxury is enhanced with extra legroom for passengers, and comes with either two bucket seats or a rear bench seat. Optioned with the bucket seats, a center console is added for added convenience and comfort. The seats also recline up to 17 degrees. The extended wheelbase is only available on the Supercharged and Autobiography models, and will feature "L" badges on the lower front door trims, along with standard powered door blinds and a panoramic sunroof. Available exclusively on the Long Wheelbase model is the Autobiography Black edition, which adds a specialized grill and side vents that showcase badges in black enamel and chrome. Inside this model you'll find individualized seating packages for the front and rear seats that include a bespoke seat cover design, climate control, seat memory, and a massage function. These additions have been added in response to customer desires for more choice and exclusivity. A rear center console offers USB ports, cup holders, as well as electronically deployable tables fitted with black leather. Ambient lighting is also available, and controlled from the center console.

Who It's For

The Range Rover Long Wheelbase and Autobiography Black are for customers seeking a higher degree of luxury, comfort, and convenience. The Range Rover is already an ultra-lux fully-capable SUV, and with the addition of the optional seating configuration and extra features, Land Rover has made the Range Rover even more of an iconic vehicle. Mainly seen cruising down the streets of Los Angeles, the Range Rover Long Wheelbase or the Autobiography Black edition are the perfect vehicles for on-the-go families who won't bat an eye at the large price tags, as well as those looking for a vehicle that offers equal parts comfort, luxury, and capabilities.

Key Features

We already know that the Range Rover continues to sell well month after month, thanks to its great off-road capabilities and luxurious interior, but the Long Wheelbase model offers a few things you can't get on the standard models. Add on the Autobiography Black model, and you'll have extra features you may never even use.
  • Extended wheelbase provides more legroom for backseat passengers
  • Seating options help customize the vehicle to the individual
  • Electronically deployed tables clothed in black leather

What We Think

With the success of the popular Range Rover, there is no doubt that the Range Rover Long Wheelbase, along with the Autobiography Black edition, will appeal to the masses. Although not everyone will be able to afford these new models, the added features will be sure to draw the attention of those in the market for a luxury SUV. Add to that its legendary off-road capabilities and you're looking at two vehicles that make you wonder why the automaker didn't build them in the first place.

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