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2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS Debut

Elevating the Nissan Juke Nismo to something a little more bonkers

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What's New

Power. A good chunk of power at that. The 2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS bumps up from the standard Juke's 188 horsepower and Nismo's 197 horsepower to an even higher 215 ponies, 211 when equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission.

The standard transmission—and probably the way it ought to be ordered—is with a six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. It comes equipped with more aggressive suspension, improved aerodynamics, bigger brakes, and a lot more.

Who It's For

There were about 40,000 Nissan Jukes sold last year. Of those, Nissan claims a mightily impressive 15 percent or so were Nismo models. This one's a little more hardcore, and we assume it's going to sell primarily to fanboys, enthusiasts, and those who like their weird as much as they appreciate their fast.

Since the current Juke Nismo sells for around $26,000, the Nismo RS ought to touch into the high-20s, leading us to believe it'll be positioned against alternatives like the Subaru WRX hatchback, Ford Focus ST, and others. Then again, if you're seeking out this low-volume subcompact crossover, you're probably not doing a whole lot of cross-shopping.

Key Features

More aggressive, the 2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS is the third Nismo model to be sold in the U.S. Features include:
  • Larger front brake rotors—12.6 inches in front versus 11.7 for other models.
  • A new body subframe designed to stiffen the car's body for more spirited driving.
  • A continuously variable automatic transmission when equipped with all-wheel drive.
  • More aggressive bodywork, including a far more aerodynamic design.
  • Three exclusive colors: Sapphire Black, Brilliant Silver, and Pearl White.

What We Think

A niche of a niche, the Nissan Juke is already a hilariously fun little crossover. The Nismo heightens this, and the Nismo RS ought to be the ultimate edition of this weird little thing. Is it the answer to a question that nobody asked? Of course it is. But it's oh so cool.

And it will inevitably be worth the wait, as it's expected a little before midway through 2014. Don't expect it to sell in great volumes. Do expect it to set a pace for future Nismo models that ought to offer fun at various price points, from relatively cheap, like this one, all the way up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars with the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo.

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