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Ford Edge Concept Debut

The Ford Edge Concept shows Ford will be playing it safe with the next-generation crossover.

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What's New

The Ford Edge Concept builds upon the current model, adding new design elements and technology to bring the midsize crossover into the modern era. The three-bar grille is now connected to the LED headlamps, while the hood has become more compact. Fuel efficiency is increased with the latest EcoBoost engine and start-stop technology, along with active grille shutters that open and close to maintain engine operating temperatures. The interior features a more open feel, with a panoramic roof. Premium interior features include a leather-wrapped and hand-stitched instrument panel, leather seating, unique gear shifter and steering wheel, and LED lighting. Updated technology on the Ford Edge Concept includes active park assist, lane-keeping system, adaptive cruise control with collision warning and brake support, as well as a blind spot monitor.

Who It's For

According to data received by Ford, almost half of all Edge buyers are women who are looking for a stylish, safe, reliable, and technologically advanced crossover. The Ford Edge Concept appeals to those looking for a compact SUV that is not only fuel efficient, but fun to drive. With seating for up to five passengers, the Ford Edge Concept offers a fun driving dynamic and sporty styling that have helped to propel this vehicle to the top of consumers' minds.

Key Features

The Ford Edge Concept, which looks to be close to production, offers many new features from a refreshed design to more sophisticated driver assist functions. We'd love to list them all here, but here's our top three.
  • Updated technology
  • Premium interior
  • New athletic design

What We Think

While many may love the new Ford Edge Concept, there aren't enough significant changes. Although it's a concept model, it is so close to production--the bumper caps are separate pieces, ready to be replaced with production ones--it's hard for us to see it in that light. When compared to the current model, there are only some external and internal changes and upgrades, but we don't feel that is enough to be called a concept. The refreshed design does showcase some leaps into the modern era, including an upgraded grille and headlight design. One thing's for certain: this new model will sell like hotcakes when it hits dealers, but for a major debut, it's lacking in the wow factor.

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