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Honda FCEV Concept Debut

Fueling Honda's future

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What's New

Perhaps the best looking fuel cell car to debut so far, Honda introduced the FCEV in Los Angeles alongside similar debuts from Hyundai and Toyota. This car creates electricity by combining hydrogen with the oxygen in the atmosphere, and emits only water vapor. Honda has released very few details about the concept vehicle, but did promise it would be an evolution of its FCX Clarity fuel cell car. Honda claims the FCEV has the world's highest power density, a 60 percent improvement from its predecessor. The five-seater car will have a smaller fuel cell stack and an entire powertrain that can fit under the hood of the car, allowing for more space in the cabin.

Honda's new fuel cell vehicle will go on sale in 2015. Although there are very few hydrogen filling stations across the country (you can count the number on two hands), Honda says the car has "mass market appeal." It will likely be available in limited quantities once it debuts.

Who It's For

The FCEV Concept will likely appeal most to consumers looking to get on the ground floor of the newest technology. This, however, will likely come with a price premium and some sacrifice in convenience. However, it may also appeal to buyers who have considered going electric but are unwilling to accept the limited range of these vehicles. According to Honda, drivers can travel over 300 miles on one tank in the FCEV, giving it a range on par with traditional gas powered models.

Key Features

Honda has not yet released standard and optional equipment for this car, but stay tuned.

What We Think

Given the limitations of this vehicle, we recommend most buyers wait on this technology.

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