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Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept Debut

The Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept shows off VW's future design and tech.

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What's New

The Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept originally debuted in Shanghai, but now we have revised figures that decrease the five passenger SUV's range and MPGe ratings. Why would VW bother modifying figures on a conceptual vehicle? We think this signals the genuine potential of the Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept becoming a production reality. Using a 295 horsepower V-6 engine paired to electric motors--front and rear--the Crossblue Coupe is capable of 415 hp total, and 70 MPGe. Volkswagen says its new compact SUV can travel up to 13 miles on pure electric range only, and has a top speed of 147 mph. It's no slouch, either. The Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept boasts a 0-60 time of just 5.8 seconds. And at least as important is style, as the Wolfsburg automaker says the Crossblue Coupe Concept shows the possibilities for future Volkswagen design. Aggressive lines, 22-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, LED headlights with LED signature lighting, and a sculpted 3D look characterize the Crossblue Coupe. The interior offers a 10.1-inch media screen, ambient lighting--turns to red when in "sport" mode--and Nappa leather generously hugs the seats.

Who It's For

Volkswagen has shown it's no stranger to a more premium SUV, as evidenced by the Touareg, and the Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept is certainly fancier and more advanced than the current Tiguan. With the Tiguan due for a replacement in 2015 or so, we could see the Crossblue Coupe taking over, or possibly slotting just above the Tiguan, as automakers look to expand crossover and SUV lineups. With an EV-only electric range possible, and the assurance of a long-range gasoline engine, the Crossblue Coupe will appeal--but not be limited to--urbanites. With 415 hp and plenty of advanced features and tech, the Crossblue Coupe could compete with more premium competition, such as the Infiniti QX60, and possibly models from Volkswagen's luxe sibling Audi, such as the Audi Q5, and performance oriented SQ5.

Key Features

With aggressive styling, a gasoline-hybrid powertrain, and plenty of unique features, the Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept previews the future of VW's future generation of SUVs.
  • 415 hp gasoline-hybrid powertrain, with a V-6 engine and front and rear electric motors.
  • Style. Aggressive lines, and LED headlights and signature lights give this VW and edgy look
  • Range. Up to 520 miles, and 13 miles in EV mode.
  • Unique driving modes, with matching ambient lighting.

What We Think

With crossovers and compact SUVs burgeoning in America, the Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept arrives at an opportune time. With exciting styling that cranks the dial on the otherwise tame Tiguan and Touareg models, and with a host of fresh, unique features, the Crossblue Coupe would be a welcome addition to Volkswagen's SUV lineup. While the Crossblue appears laden with content--at least in concept form--pricing will be extremely important. Price it too high, and you're entering Audi territory; Low, and you're probably going to lose money. But if VW can get the pricing right, the Crossblue Coupe will be a winner.

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