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2013 Volkswagen Alltrack Concept Debut

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What's New

Aesthetically, the 2013 Volkswagen Alltrack Concept is a European-model Volkswagen Passat wagon on stilts, similar to the relationship between the Subaru Outback and standard-issue Legacy. Though this concept isn't yet a real car, it is Volkswagen's attempt to gauge market interest. And for a concept, it looks remarkably "complete." In addition to the raised suspension, VW has reworked the engine computer, braced the undercarriage, and given the Alltrack Concept some minor exterior treatments.

Who It's For

It's not an SUV, and it isn't a typical wagon, but the Alltrack Concept should handle both duties with aplomb. Thus, the usual stereotypes apply, and perhaps the target audience is young, active and outgoing, and in need of extra road clearance without wanting a bulky crossover or SUV. Of course, the diesel engine will appeal to those who are conscious of fuel economy and the environment, as well.

Key Features

Most of what makes the Alltrack Concept stand out is that it is such a small market, that there are hardly any vehicles in its class, should it come to production.
  • All-wheel drive, turbo-diesel wagon on stilts would likely get far better fuel economy than the larger Subaru Outback.
  • Undercarriage reinforcements and offroad computer programming mean the Alltrack Concept can actually drive in the dirt.
  • If you want it, Volkswagen will build it.

What We Think

It's no secret that the automotive press is fans of both diesel engine technology and wagons, compared to heavy, inefficient SUV's, and Volkswagen hits the nail on the head for this "concept." While the Alltrack Concept uses the European Passat as its basis, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make a version based on the upcoming next-gen Jetta for the U.S. Unfortunately, many Americans have not entirely caught on to the benefits of wagons, and it's possible the take rate on a vehicle such as this would be low. But since it could be based on the Jetta, it wouldn't be expensive to manufacture, making a profit easier to attain, especially if the vehicle slots beneath its cousin, the Audi A4 AllRoad, and between the only other competition in the US market -- the Subaru XV Crosstrek and Subaru Outback.

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