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2015 BMW M4 Convertible Debut

The sexiest M yet.

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What's New

Adopting new nomenclature, BMW's sexy small convertible is called the M4 Convertible this year. Its sultry body lines can distract you from the real excitement: a smaller yet more powerful engine. The in-line six-cylinder returns this year from a long hiatus. This new iteration produces a whopping 425 horsepower, which is enough to zip from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 4.2 seconds. That's about the same time as it takes to turn on the engine.

We have already seen the M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan, but something about this drop-top is particularly enticing. U.S. buyers can get their hands on this new car starting late this summer.

Who It's For

Many BMW loyalists will be attracted to this car and may be some of the first to get a hold of it. It definitely provides an air of exclusivity you can't get in the 3 Series sedan. But its looks and drive capabilities may open it up to a wider range of performance-oriented buyers.

We expect the M4 Convertible to be a low volume model, yet another niche car made by BMW. Those opting for this car will have to be willing to part with a cargo compartment if they plan on carrying multiple passengers. With the top up, cargo volume is a paltry 13 cubic feet. This can be increased, however, when the rear bench seat is folded down.

Key Features

Take a look at what features the M4 Convertible has to offer:
  • Hardtop that drops in 20 seconds, along with a standard windblock
  • Next-generation navigation system with sharper graphics
  • Optional head-up display
  • Optional seven-speed double-clutch transmission (M-DCT) that allows drivers to switch gears either with the selector level or through paddle shifters

What We Think

M3, M4, 4 Series Gran Coupe, 3 Series Gran Turismo, 3 Series GT? While the M4 Convertible is yet another strange niche vehicle from BMW, it is one that is well worth it. Its distinct body lines, accented by the drop-top, make us desperate to drive one. We don't expect this model to sell in huge volumes, but based on what we've experienced from M vehicles in the past, we do think performance-oriented buyers will love it.

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