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2015 Honda HR-V Debut

Building on the success of the Fit

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What's New

Arriving in dealerships this winter, the Honda HR-V joins the hot compact SUV segment. It borrows avant-garde design elements from Honda's Urban SUV concept, including dramatic body lines and a coupe-like design. This model slots below the Honda CR-V in both price and size, and it is geared toward young, active buyers looking for plenty of versatility in their SUVs.

The Honda HR-V is built on the same platform as the all-new 2015 Fit subcompact. In fact, the two small vehicles share many design similarities. Both use the same interior Magic Seat technology, which allows buyers to change the seating configurations in ways that allow for storage of especially long, tall, and wide items. As of yet, we don't have powertrain or fuel economy details on this model. More information is set to arrive later this year.

We recently drove the Fit, and we were impressed with its class-leading interior room and easy-to-use infotainment system. We were also impressed with its high fuel economy. Considering the HR-V will borrow many elements from the Fit, we expect this new compact SUV to also be incredibly spacious, fuel efficient, and feature-filled.

Who It's For

Many young, active buyers will be attracted to this model. With plenty of interior room, the versatile SUV should be able to accommodate camping or surfing gear. It may be a solid choice for active consumers and even young families.

Unfortunately, Honda is a bit late to the game as many other competitors have recently offered all new entries in the compact SUV segment. The Mazda CX-5, Jeep Cherokee, and Toyota RAV4 SUVs are popular "cute utes." We recently drove the Chevrolet Trax, which may end up being another worthwhile alternative.

Key Features

Here are features we anticipate will come to the all-new 2015 Honda HR-V.
  • Next-generation HondaLink
  • Rearview camera and a wide array of available safety technologies
  • Small but powerful four-cylinder engine paired with a fuel-efficient CVT transmission

What We Think

Honda has done a good job diversifying its lineup, and we think the HR-V will attract a new set of buyers to the brand. The HR-V will build upon the success of the new Fit by adopting some of its best characteristics. We hope to drive it soon.

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Honda should get a performance version of this HR-V maybe a SI tag on it!  But to be competitive; they need a twin turbo V6 inside that has at least 400 hp and 350 lbs of torque.  20" wheels and high quality leather interior is also a must.  Price should be around the $60K range to compete with the Macan and SQ5!   There luxury brand Acura is hopeless.  There models are made for some one that does not exist!  All are Acura's under power and have lousy interiors.  Over price too! 

James Xiong
James Xiong

@SuperCarEnthusiast  I assume you have a Honda Civic Mugen in your garage? Or a CRZ Mugen? S2000 CR, or even, the Honda NSX Mugen RR. All these was a good idea, until no one bought 'em.