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Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Debut

Land Rover shows off its vision for a new line of Discovery vehicles.

What's New

Land Rover has been throwing tidbits of information at us for the past few months in preparation of revealing its Discovery Vision Concept. This new model will be the basis for a new family of vehicles, showcasing a new design language and advanced technological features. The new design hopes to elicit an emotional connection from consumers, keeping on trend with the rest of the automotive industry. The previous Discovery model helped to solidify Land Rover as one of the top brands for luxury and off-road capabilities, and this new concept will build upon those successes.

But the automaker won't be resting on its off-road capable laurels. The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept will feature a "Transparent Hood," which uses camera images to project onto a full-width's heads up display at the bottom of the windshield to provide better visibility of what is underneath and directly in front of the vehicle. This is only the beginning of new technologies that will find their way on the new model.

Who It's For

Fans of the previous Land Rover Discovery will enjoy the new model. While there isn't much information about the concept, we expect it to keep its blend of technology, off-road capabilities, and luxurious interior. The design language is something that will ring true to current fans and customers, and will also open up the newest model to a wider audience. While Land Rovers may be a staple for affluent families hustling and bustling around busy city streets, those active in outdoor activities can hop in this model and feel calm and confident in its capabilities.

Key Features

We're liking what we're hearing about the new line of Discovery vehicles, and here are our top features:
  • Transparent hood for better visibility when off-roading
  • New driver assist technology for improved visibility
  • Emotive design language showcasing the future of the model lineup

What We Think

We thought that the Land Rover models couldn't get much better in terms of capabilities, and the automaker just had to prove us wrong. With the introduction of the new "Transparent Hood," driving--whether around town or off-road--becomes easier and safer as drivers can see what's actually around their vehicle. Getting over that last hill or parking in a tight space has never been easier. We can't wait until we can get behind the wheel of the latest Land Rover model and see for ourselves how this feature really works.

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