Safest Cars: Volvo XC90

Driving is such an everyday occurrence in our lives that we do not think much about the dangers, but we all know the statistics: traveling by car is one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Automobile safety and technological advancements have made cars safer than they have ever been, but when it comes time to buy a new car we cannot do enough to arm ourselves against ...     read more
Safest Cars Volvo Sc90
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Volvo XC90

Called one of the safest SUVs on the road today, the Volvo XC90 is worthy of that title equipped with features that not only protect against collisions but rollovers as well, features such as gyro sensors, stability control systems, and also materials designed to absorb high impact energy and prevent collapse in the event of rollover. With features like this it is only natural that the XC90 would have the world’s best performance in the SUV roll over test.

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