BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5 Series is a midsize premium sports sedan that was originally introduced in 1972. The 5 Series was named after the fact that it was the fifth of BMWs new series of cars, which followed the Isetta era of the 1960s. The first generation of the 5 Series featured a body style by renowned Italian car designer, Marcello Gandini, the man who designed the Lamborghini Countach. Since its initial release, BMW has gone on to introduce six generations of the 5 Series. For most of the 5 Series' history, the car has been available with rear-wheel drive. However, in the last few years, BMW also made all-wheel-drive versions of the car available.

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About the BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series has long been regarded as a class-defining model when it comes to premium sport sedans. Drivers have appreciated the 5 Series for decades now for the finely balanced combination of luxury, performance, and interior space it provides. Throughout much of its history, the 5 Series has been available as both sedans and wagons, although in the latest generation, BMW's wagon model of the 5 Series was phased out in favor of a crossover-like 5 Series GT. Typically, inline-6 engines power 5 Series models. However, the option of a V-8 was introduced soon after it was introduced and has been continually available since then. New model 5 Series cars are typically among the most luxurious and technologically sophisticated midsize sedans on the market at any given time. However, when it comes to used luxury sedans, the 5 cars are also an extremely viable option.

BMW 5 Series Features

One of the major changes BMW has made with the 2012 5 Series 528i is doing away with the straight-six engine in exchange for a turbocharged four-cylinder. The new turbo-4 is not only more efficient than its six-cylinder predecessor; it's also more powerful. The company has also introduced an option for all-wheel drive and added an automatic stop/start system that's standardized on both the 528i and the 535i.

While the introduction of a four-cylinder engine into BMW's revered luxury sedan franchise has raised eyebrows and perhaps even alarms in some quarters, there is certainly no cause for concern. The efficient new little turbo-4 that the 2012 528i is equipped with is advanced direct fuel injected. This innovative turbo system helps to prevent lag and maximize performance, resulting in a power output of 240 horsepower, which is the same as what the 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder from the 2011 model was capable of making, albeit with a greater level of torque in the new engine.

The 5 Series underwent a complete redesign in 2011 with BMW expanding the car's dimensions across the board. Little has changed design-wise for the 2012 models, and while some have criticized the changes for rendering the car less sporty, others appreciate the added space and comfort.

The 2012 BMW 5 Series is available in three trim levels that are based on choice of engine: the 528i, the 535i, and the 550i. There is also a high-performance M5 that will be going on sale in mid-2012. The 528i is outfitted with standard features that include 17-inch wheels, adjustable driving settings, bi-xenon headlights, LED running lights, foglights, automatic wipers, heated mirrors, cruise control, auto-dimming mirrors, and a sunroof. Interior features include dual-zone climate control, eight-way power seats, leatherette premium vinyl upholstery, and a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel. Technological features include Bluetooth capability, and a 10-speaker sound system equipped with a CD player, HD radio, and an iPod/USB interface.

The 535i still features a six-cylinder engine along with 18-inch wheels and leather upholstery. The 550i, meanwhile, boasts a powerful V-8 along with front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, and a navigation system with real-time traffic information. Luxury and convenience features on the higher trim levels are also available à la carte on lower trim level models.

BMW 5 Series Evolution

Many 5 Series models that are still on the road from previous generations are a testament to the enduring quality of the model. Third generation 5 Series cars that were produced between 1989 and 1995 are reasonable options that can often be had for good prices. Models from 1994 and 1995 when BMW offered V-8s in the 530i sedan and wagon as well as in the 540i sedan are desirable, too.

The fourth generation that was produced between 1997 and 2003 is regarded by many as the best era to date for the 5 Series. Models from this generation are noted for their refinement, on-road dynamics, and premium interior furnishings.

The fifth and most recent previous generation of the 5 Series was produced between 2004 and 2010. Models belonging to this generation represented a departure in style from previous incarnations of the 5 Series. However, they were also known for being spacious and comfortable in addition to offering the high-level of performance expected from a BMW.

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2019 BMW 5-Series

Hybrid, Luxury, Sedan

2018 BMW 5-Series

Hybrid, Luxury, Sedan

2017 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

2016 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

2015 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

2014 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

2013 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

BMW has long been known for offering the automotive world classically engineered and styled German cars.

2012 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

BMW has just introduced its TwinPower turbocharged direct-injection 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to replace the naturally aspirated 3.0-liter inline-six that used to represent the 528i designation.

2011 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan

The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is the first car in its segment to feature EPS Electric Power Steering. Steering assistance is provided by an electric motor activated only when assistance is necessary or desired by the driver. The 528i and xDrive all wheel drive variants of all three models will arrive later in the year.

2010 BMW 5-Series

Hatchback, Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

2009 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

2008 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 2008 BMW 5 Series makes a great car option with its many exterior and interior features.

2007 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 2007 BMW 5 Series offerings carry on the tradition of well-designed and built midsize cars that perfectly marry performance and luxury.

2006 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The BMW 5 Series launched in the U.

2005 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan

The BMW 5-Series debuted in the U.

2004 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan

The 5-Series are midsize luxury cars from the German automaker BMW.

2003 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The long sleek exterior of the 2003 BMW 5-Series revives images off a movie scene.

2002 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 2002 BMW 5 Series provides the midsize luxury car lineup manufactured by BMW, which encompasses three trim levels and two body styles.

2001 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 2001 BMW 5 Series offers a medium between the most expensive models offered by BMW and the cheaper and less powerful iterations.

2000 BMW 5-Series

Coupe, Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 2000 BMW 5-Series is a rear-drive, four-door luxury sedan that is offered in a stellar choice of sedans and sport wagons.

1999 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 1999 BMW 5-Series is part of the fourth generation line of BMW 5-Series and is considered by purists to be part of the finest era of this line of vehicles.

1998 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan

1997 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan

The 1997 BMW 5-Series is a small sedan with big sedan luxury.

1995 BMW 5-Series

Luxury, Sedan, Wagon

The 1995 BMW 5-Series is one of the automaker’s mid-tier lines.