Like several other automakers, the history of BMW starts with a product meant to move vehicles in the air, not on land. In 1913, Karl Rapp was in the business of making and selling airplane engines. Due to rather unfortunate flaws in his own design, the engines he produced had vibration problems, and he was forced to resort to producing Austro-Daimler airplane engines under a special license. As luck would have it, though, Gustav Otto had just set up shop near Rapp to build aircrafts.

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BMW M6 Origins

In 1916, Otto and Rapp created a partnership, and their company soon began to manufacture its first aircraft engine. The company was then known as the Bavarian Motor Works, and BMW was born. In 1920, the company moved from airplane engines to making motorcycles. It's just the first step in moving to creating the fine cars the world has come to expect from this company. Around 1930, BMW added to its expertise in designing airplane, motorcycle, and boat engines with the addition of the company's first sports car, the Wartburg. BMW dabbled in car production throughout the next 40 years until building sports sedans and eventually a greater number of truly world-class sports cars.

Since then, the BMW name has been linked with some of the finest engines in the world and putting them in capable cars. The company produces cutting-edge cars and motorcycles for a worldwide market today. Among the most famous of the company's offerings is the M6.

About the BMW M6

The M6 produced by BMW has a unique history, being one of the few cars produced in nonconsecutive model years. The first BMW M6 debuted in 1983 and was produced with gradual upgrades until 1989.At that point, BMW chose to discontinue the car series until the 2005 model year. During the first generation's production run, the M6 was known for its unique body style and sports car-like performance. It was designed to be a sports car for the sophisticated driving palate.

The second generation of M6 was no less impressive when BMW decided to highlight the new 2005 body style and its performance packages. The concept car was first presented to the world at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. Almost from the beginning, industry leaders were excited by the changes and looked forward to experiencing the improved design and engineering. The M6 was well and alive during its stint the second time around.

BMW M6 Features

There is no doubt that the introduction of the 2013 BMW M6 has attracted a lot of attention. Much like all of BMW's cars, a lot of the excitement is coming from the goodies under the hood. While BMW representatives are asking consumers and industry leaders to see the new M6 as more than just a sports car, there is no denying that it certainly behaves like one in many ways. It would be hard to be anything else with a twin turbo 4.4-liter V-8 engine. The engine is capable of nearly 560 horsepower and offers 500 pound-feet of torque. In addition to the powerhouse engine, the 2013 M6 also is equipped with a smooth suspension system and quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

While the BMW M6 for the 2013 model year is designed to master the roadways, it also has a pretty face to show the world. The low frame and rounded, yet modern front end is attractive and showy all at the same time. This model looks like the precision machine it is and is available in a variety of paint colors and options for the discerning consumer to customize the M6 of their dreams.

BMW M6 Evolution

The past versions of the BMW M6 are as impressive as the newest model. These cars are ideal for those looking for a well-made, impressive car that can hold up to the practical needs of daily driving. BMW enthusiasts feel M cars holds up to those functions.

In the M6, BMW has combined its famously smooth, powerful engines with design innovation and good looks.The second generation of the M6 is the most familiar to most people and marks BMW's attempt at offering a sport coupe. These cars are also available in the convertible option as well. While not strictly considered a sports car, the M6 is equipped with all of the luxury, comfort, and style that can be expected from a car of this caliber.

BMW has a long history of creating some of the best engines in the world. The company didn't hold back when it came to the M6. Each model year was equipped with a state of the art, high precision engine that is capable of handling day to day driving as well as taking on the rigors of high-performance. The handling and comfortable driving abilities of these cars are among its most popular features.

Select a BMW M6 Year

2018 BMW M6

Convertible, Sedan, Sports

2017 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sedan, Sports

2016 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sedan, Sports

2015 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sedan, Sports

2014 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sedan, Sports

2013 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The 2013 BMW M6 is fast, beautiful...and crazily expensive.

2010 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

2009 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The 2009 BMW M6 is the high-performance version of BMW’s 6 Series.

2008 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

Any true Beemer fan knows that the ?M? of the M series stands for ?Motorsport,? and the 2008 BMW M6 embodies this description to the core.

2007 BMW M6

Convertible, Coupe, Sports

The 2007 BMW M6 is equipped with outstanding handling and major acceleration, combined with a 155 mph top speed.

2006 BMW M6

Coupe, Sports

BMW M versions have always been synonymous with high-performance.