One thing that can be said about the 2012 BMW Z8 model is that it is BMW's most exclusive roadster, a classic sports-car offered in the traditional two-seat coupe design. Though it was not popular, it was well loved in its short existence.

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BMW Origins

It's impossible to talk about exceptional automotive engineering without discussing Europe's best auto makers, and Germany's BMW is at the forefront of European design and engineering.

The beginnings of the BMW company are unique, to say the least. Unlike many of the other car manufacturers, BMW didn't start out making cars. It didn't even start out making motorcycles. BMW started in 1911 as an airplane-engine manufacturing plant. Before and during World War I, the plant was responsible for producing some of the most well-made and innovative airplane motors available. But at the end of the war, the Allied forces prohibited German companies from making airplane engines and military equipment. At this point, the company turned its attention to trucks, motorcycles, and farming equipment.

In the years that followed, BMW gradually began to shift its attention away from those pursuits and toward automotive design and engineering. As a result, the company began manufacturing some of the finest automobiles ever made, including the ultra exclusive Z8.

About the BMW Z8

Unlike many BMW's, the Z8 is not well known, and even today, it is little seen. Part of this had to do with its steep price and limited availability. This, like most BMW's, is not the car for the person on a budget. Even with its high price, it is still very popular among automotive enthusiasts.

Not only has the BMW Z8 done well in the automotive community, it has also become something of a superstar in the media. This car was featured in the ever-popular James Bond movies, notably in the 1999 film "The World is Not Enough." The most famous scene shows Bond's Z8 being cut in half by helicopter propellers. The Z8 also makes a cameo appearance in the music video for the theme song, performed by Garbage.

Modern BMW Z8s

The body style of the 2012 BMW Z8 is sleek, with the classic roadster long bonnet and low chassis. The car's two seats are positioned low to the floor for maximum aerodynamics. On the interior, drivers are sure to appreciate the luxurious leather-wrapped steering wheel, well-displayed instrument panel, and comfortable seats.

There is no way to discuss the BMW Z8 without talking about what it's packing under the hood. BMW made this model with a 5.0-liter V-8 engine. The engine features the ability to take the car from zero to 60 mph in roughly six seconds. The power is incredible. Naturally, the designers supplied the Z8 with a suspension system to handle the power and keep the car nice and cozy with the turns and twists of the road.

BMW Z8 Evolution

The Z8, which was made from 1999-2003, was famous for its all-aluminum body and chassis, which was suitably designed for speed. These cars also have special engine placement, just behind the front axle, ensuring ideal weight distribution for superior braking ability, handling, and acceleration.

In 2003, BMW introduced the Alpina Z8. This model had some drastic differences from the original Z8 designs. This car was only available with an automatic transmission and held a smaller 4.8-liter V-8 motor. The original roadster tires were also replaced with standard wheels and tires. This model offered softer leather seats and accessories, in contrast to the rougher, leather interior of the previous designs. Under the hood, the Alpina Z8 was a bit softer as well. It was modified to provide a smoother, though less powerful, driving experience.

Select a BMW Z8 Year

2003 BMW Z8

Convertible, Sports

The 2003 BMW Z8 is an eye-catching convertible that it is on the top of the list amongst other competing models in its class.

2002 BMW Z8

Convertible, Sports

The BMW Z8 was unveiled by BMW in the summer of 2000 for the 2001 model year, and as such, nothing has changed with the launch of the 2002 BMW Z8.

2001 BMW Z8

Convertible, Sports

The 2001 BMW Z8 is a sporty-looking, two-seater convertible with rear drive that offers drivers extreme power.

2000 BMW Z8

Convertible, Sports

The 2000 BMW Z8 is a sporty-looking, two-seater convertible with rear drive that offers drivers extreme power and versatility.