Cadillac DTS

The Cadillac DTS is a full-size luxury vehicle offered as a four-door sedan. "DTS" stands for DeVille Touring Sedan, as the model is the successor to the popular Cadillac DeVille. The DTS was first introduced in 2005 at the Chicago Auto Show and was Cadillac's best-selling model in 2006.

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Cadillac DTS Origins

The first DTS models on the market had a relatively powerful 4.6-liter Northstar V-8 with a choice between the LD8 or L37 versions. It was one of the larger vehicles in the brand's line-up, aside from SUVs and crossovers. Early DTS models were closely related to the Buick Lucerne and enjoyed high sales during the line's first couple of years of production. Each model was available in a variety of packages or with individually-chosen accessories. Commonly, package categories were: Luxury I, II, and III, Standard, Luxury, Premium, Performance, and Platinum. The Platinum remains the top-of-the-line package for the 2011 DTS.

When the DTS replaced the DeVille, the primary change was the elimination of the standard six-passenger limousine-style seating. It made the switch from being a car in which to be driven to being a car to drive. The DTS uses a K-platform and has the well-known Northstar V-8 engine, which is a much less powerful engine than that residing in other vehicles in the Cadillac lineup.

About the Cadillac DTS

The heyday of the DTS was short lived. It enjoyed best-seller status in 2006 and quickly decreased in popularity. The last year the DTS was available (2011) it sold just over 11,000 units worldwide. It is best known as a full-size luxury sedan that was moderately priced compared to its general class and other Cadillac vehicles.

The 2011 Cadillac DTS

2011 was the last year for production of the Cadillac DTS. Considered the flagship front-wheel-drive, full-size vehicle in the Caddy line-up, even though it was not an overall best-seller after 2006 and it was in the middle of the pack in terms of features and power, the 2011 model features a 4.6-liter Northstar V-8 engine and a highly engineered suspension system. These technological advancements allow the vehicle to provide a smooth ride even on bumpy roads and around corners. Some models also include the innovative Magnetic Ride Control system for improved handling.

The 2011 model, like its predecessors, is a touring vehicle designed to seat six, though five adults will likely fit most comfortably. All models include Adaptive Remote Start. The 2011 DTS is available in a range of trim levels from the Platinum package to the regular, Premium package. Some extra features of the Platinum model include additional power with 292 horsepower, options for premium leather seating, bright chrome details, Alcantara headline and visors, and the highlighted Platinum badge. The basic package for the 2011 DTS model starts around $47,000.

The 2011 Cadillac DTS is the last model of the original DeVille line expected to be produced by Cadillac. While Cadillac has not fully ruled out the possibility of future DTS models, for now the line is being replaced by the 2012 XTS.

Cadillac DTS Evolution

The Cadillac DTS was sold between 2005 and 2011, with subtle changes made each model year during that time. The DTS was a single-generation vehicle. Each DTS was available in a number of trim levels that offered additional luxurious options, but for the most part these options were superficial. The DTS-L model, however, featured a longer body. During the DTS's six-year run, the vehicle's engine did not see a huge boost in power, as it went from 275 to 292 horsepower. In fact, torque decreased from the first model to the 2011 model.

Select a Cadillac DTS Year

2011 Cadillac DTS

Luxury, Sedan

Changes for the 2010 model year consisted entirely of new paint options with minor revisions to the OnStar system the only changes for 2011. The DTS remains pricey considering its age and the competition and exists mostly in a holding pattern until it and the slightly smaller STS can be replaced with the new, flagship XTS premium sedan.

2010 Cadillac DTS

Luxury, Sedan

2009 Cadillac DTS

Luxury, Sedan

The 2009 Cadillac DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan) is a large luxury sedan.

2008 Cadillac DTS

Luxury, Sedan

The 2008 Cadillac DTS serves as the current name for the Cadillac DeVille, an iconic American luxury car that has been around since World War II.

2007 Cadillac DTS

Luxury, Sedan

The 2007 Cadillac DTS carries on the decade’s long tradition of the DeVille.

2006 Cadillac DTS

Luxury, Sedan