Chevrolet G1500

The Chevrolet G line is a wide-ranging mix of full-size vans designed for a number of uses. From passenger transport, including luxury touring, to cargo needs for the working professional, the Chevy G line can fit the bill. The Chevrolet G1500 is an affordable direct competitor to Ford full-size Econoline vans, Dodge Ram vans, and imports such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter series.

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Chevrolet G1500 Origins

Originally entering the market in 1996 as the Chevrolet G1500, the G line of full-size vans is in its second generation of production in 2012. With the new generation, the van underwent a re-brand to be commonly called the Chevrolet Express 1500, which is the light-duty version of the van’s models. The Chevrolet G1500 series has long been available with robust V-6 power, but over its first three decades of production it was powered by everything from an inline six-cylinder to diesel and gas V-8s, including the 5.3-liter V-8 that comes standard in the 2012 G1500 model. These vans can be configured for hauling either loads or passengers.

About the Chevrolet G1500

Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the Chevrolet G1500 is its exterior design, as it has changed very little over its multiple decades of production. Certainly, mechanical engineering aspects evolved to adapt appropriately to changing technology within the automotive industry, but few significant changes have been made to the frame, chassis, or body style over many years. In short, Chevrolet has not messed with its winning formula. Regardless of the model variety - cargo, passenger, or conversion - the Chevrolet G1500 is easily recognizable among its competitors.

Modern Chevrolet G1500s

As mentioned, the Chevrolet G1500 in 2012 is sold as the Chevrolet Express 1500. Many still refer to the popular full-size van as the G1500, yet the Express generation began in 1996 to replace what was commonly known as the Chevrolet Van. The Express and the GMC Savana are interchangeable aside from a few options, yet the Express outsells the Savana to a significant degree. The 2012 G1500 offers the standard Chevrolet options, including passenger capability or cargo and work capability.

Under the hood of the 2012 1500 with the FlexFuel E85 version is a 5.3-liter V-8 that is capable of running on a mixture of E85 ethanol fuel and gasoline or E85 fuel exclusively. With or without the FlexFuel options, the 1500 provides 310 horsepower and 334 lb-ft of torque. Power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering is a notable feature of the 1500, as is StabiliTrack electronic stability control. The passenger model provides 7,300-pound GVWR. All models boast a 31-gallon fuel tank.

The 2012 Chevrolet Express boasts impressive storage and passenger transport capabilities. It is capable of transporting up to 15 people. The Chevrolet van provides flexibility for its users, with the ability to fit multiple bench-style seats, customized shelving, or simple open space for the option of hauling and transporting any variety of goods. The 2012 Express 1500 comes standard with swing-out 60/40 split passenger-side doors, but a sliding passenger-side door is also available for added convenience.

The 2012 Express 1500 is available in nine colors, with four interior-color options. Various trim options are available with a complete conversion; however, the base model offers everything from an easily spotted Wheatland yellow paint to basic white.

The center console is designed to be easily accessible and able to transport multiple drink sizes as well as snacks, paper work, clipboards, or the necessities for a long road trip. The bucket seats are adjustable and legroom is spacious.

Whether used for the transport of goods or several passengers, the Chevrolet 1500 van is equipped with advanced safety features, including a four-wheel anti-lock disc brake system with Hydroboost, stability control, driver and front passenger air bags, daytime running lights, and seat belts for the van’s center seats (on passenger models).

Chevrolet G1500 Evolution

The first generation of the Chevrolet G1500 was a true workhorse. Early G1500s served as a blend between a box truck and a pick-up truck, keeping goods safe and immediately accessible from the cab. The early G1500 options were also versatile. Many owners would select a passenger van and then simply remove the seats to haul tools and equipment or set up a mobile work station.

After 1996 branding of the G1500 changed, yet there was little alteration to the manufacturing materials until 2004 when GM began to build the body with sheet metal used for manufacturing light trucks and SUVs.

Considering the grand scope of Chevrolet vans, the classic vans from the 1960s, such as the G10, are still very popular among enthusiasts. Similarly, G1500 models from years past is sought as a valuable hauler and an excellent canvas to customize as a camper or luxury conversion.

Select a Chevrolet G1500 Year

1998 Chevrolet G1500


The 1998 Chevrolet G1500, also known as the Express Van, provides Chevrolet’s answer to the Ford Econoline in the full-size van market.

1997 Chevrolet G1500


The Chevrolet G1500 is part of a series of sturdy vans ready for hauling people or cargo.

1996 Chevrolet G1500


The 1996 Chevrolet G1500 is a cargo van that is available in a base model that comfortably seats eight passengers.