Chevrolet T10

For a tough, compact SUV, the early Chevy Blazer is a good choice. The Chevy Blazer is sold with two main names: the Chevrolet T10 and the Chevrolet S10. The T10 has four-wheel drive, and the S10 has two-wheel drive. This can be confusing to many Chevy owners because the Chevrolet company never made this designation perfectly clear, but this is on par with the company’s vehicle names.

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Chevrolet T10 Origins

Adding to the confusion, the Blazer name goes back even further to include other large vehicles from the Chevrolet name. The S10 and T10 nameplate is the most recent and also the most common on the used market.

The Chevy Blazer was sold in two generations: the first generation running from 1983 to 1991 and the second generation from 1995 to 2005 in the United States and from 1997 to 2012 in Brazil. The Trailblazer replaced the Blazer name.

About the Chevrolet T10

The Blazer has been a bit of a trendsetter for the small SUV market since its release in the 1980s. However, the first generation models contained a weak engine that did not really fit the character of an off-road vehicle. This was solved with a new engine and a facelift in the early 1990s, but by this time the sloppy handling and poor engine performance of the Blazer was well known. The T10 four-wheel drive model has better handling than the S10 model, but the Blazer still lagged behind the competition?which was the Jeep Grand Cherokee and rollover-prone early 1990s Ford Explorer.

The second generation T10 featured better power and handling, as well as other mechanical improvements, but it failed miserably in crash tests. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety gave the vehicle a "Poor" rating for front-end collisions.

Chevrolet T10 Features

Production of the Chevrolet T10 ended in 2005, throughout North America. It had several successors including the GMC Envoy, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Tahoe, Equinox, and Captiva fleet vehicle. No 2012 model is planned for the United States, although a T10 model will appear in Brazil as an all-new Trailblazer model.

Chevrolet T10 Evolution

The first generation of the Chevrolet Blazer T10 was introduced in 1983. It is styled after the K5 Blazer, a full-size SUV in Chevrolet’s line. The T10 was introduced as a two-door and remained the four-wheel drive version of the S10 Blazer.

The first engine of the T10 was not impressive: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that only produced 83 horsepower. A 2.8-liter V-6 that produced 110 horsepower was offered as an option for the vehicle as well. Strangely, due to emissions laws in California, a special 1.9-liter Isuzu I4 engine can be found in some Blazers sold in that state.

The weak engine issue was somewhat solved in 1988 when a 4.3-liter V-6 was added as an option. It made 150 horsepower, bringing the Blazer T10 into direct competition with other small SUVs on the market.

In 1990, Chevrolet released a four-door version of the T10 Blazer to the public. This vehicle had a longer wheelbase than the two-door version, as well as a new front grille. The T10 was the only version available in the first couple of months of the year before a two-wheel drive version was produced.

In 1993, the T10 received a small facelift with a new front grille and a raised center console inside the vehicle. Five-spoke alloy rims also became an option.

1994 saw little in the way of changes, but anti-lock brakes became standard on the four-door T10s.

The second generation Blazer T10 was introduced in 1995. The blazer lost the S10 prefix, but T10 was still used to identify four-wheel drive models. The vehicle boasted a larger interior and exterior. All Blazers in the second generation have 4.3-liter, Vortec 4300 V-6 engines--a significant improvement over the first generation.

The interior of the second generation featured a cosmetic redesign with bigger knobs on the console, larger door handles, and ergonomic controls.

The Blazer T10 came available in Base, LS Standard Trim, LT Luxury Trim, Trailblazer Upscale Luxury Trim, Xtreme Sport Trim, and ZR2 Off-Road Trim.

Production continued on the Blazer T10 even after the Trailblazer and GMC Envoy were introduced to the market; although they soon became the successors to the Blazer line. Production of the Blazer ended in 2005.

If you are looking for a used Blazer, there are plenty out there. Have a thorough check done on the vehicle before buying; some Blazers have gearbox and suspension issues as well as rusting problems. It’s best to steer clear of earlier models if you’re in the market for an SUV with a little power under the hood. If possible, purchase only the second generation models from the 2000s. The addition of the 4.3-liter V-6 greatly improved the vehicle’s performance and hauling capability.

Select a Chevrolet T10 Year

2000 Chevrolet T10

SUV, Truck, Utility/Offroad

The Chevrolet T-10 is a four-wheel-drive midsize pickup.

1999 Chevrolet T10

SUV, Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1999 Chevrolet T10 Blazer is a brilliantly-styled SUV with a powerful drivetrain and a reasonable price.

1998 Chevrolet T10

SUV, Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1998 Chevrolet T-10 is a vehicle that comes with two body styles: a pickup truck and a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

1997 Chevrolet T10

SUV, Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1997 Chevrolet T10 is the four-wheel-drive version of the popular S10 series.

1996 Chevrolet T10

SUV, Truck, Utility/Offroad

The Chevrolet T10 is a midsize pickup and sport-utility vehicle that is available with three trims: the base regular cab, the base extended cab, and the Blazer SUV.

1995 Chevrolet T10

SUV, Truck, Utility/Offroad

The 1995 Chevrolet T10, also known as the four-wheel-drive Blazer, has been a workhorse sport utility vehicle for over a decade.