Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV made by General Motors (along with the similar GMC Yukon).

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Chevrolet Tahoe Origins

The Chevrolet Tahoe gets its base from the Silverado pickup truck. It is a smaller vehicle than the Suburban, but built on a similar, shorter version of the same platform. The first-generation GMT400 version ran until 1999 as a strictly five-passenger vehicle. It was replaced by the second-generation GMT 800 in 2000. The third-generation GMT 900 is still in production.

About the Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevy Tahoe is known for its durability, value, and safety. Although priced higher than many other mainstream SUVs, it provides a truck-like towing capability, a rugged design for light off-roading duties, and a stalwart reputation. Value doesn’t mean a lack of performance either. Models dating back to 2000 have a V-8 engine with at least 275 horsepower, meaning that the Tahoe is a SUV that gets things done.

The Tahoe was famously featured on the television show The Apprentice, where the challengers had to prepare a description of the Tahoe for GM employees.

The Tahoe is also offered as a police package to law enforcement agencies across the country. A four-wheel drive version, as well as a two-wheel drive "Police Pursuit Vehicle" (PPV) is offered. The PPV rides slightly lower to the ground with better aerodynamics, making it a tad faster than the family hauler version.

Chevrolet Tahoe Features

Chevrolet offers the 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe in three trim styles: the LS, the LT and the topline LTZ.

The LS version contains a 5.3-liter V-8 engine standard. The engine has flex fuel ability that allows drivers to use E85 fuel, gasoline, or a combination of both in the tank. The vehicle is also fitted with the Premium Smooth Ride suspension system. Stabilitrak stability control is offered standard on the vehicle, which improves the machine’s handling. ABS braking system, six air bags, and an anti-rolling system provide the standard safety features.

The Tahoe LS provides seating for seven passengers with an eighth seat as an option. Bucket seats up front have a six-way power adjustment system that provides premium comfort. Sirius satellite radio, OnStar navigation and driver assistance, and Bluetooth wireless come standard.

The Tahoe LT upgrades the interior with leather seats, tri-zone temperature controls, Bose speakers, and an automatic locking rear differential to better get power to the ground in towing and offroading. Mechanically, the LT offers a bit more than the LS. Z71 off-road suspension for the adventurous driver is offered exclusively on this model. Standard rear park assist allows for smooth backups with built-in sensors, and a sunroof and DVD player add extra pleasure as available options.

The The Tahoe LTZ option lowers the seating capacity to seven but offers a lot more features. Twelve-way adjustable bucket seats and seat heating for the perforated leather offer an added luxury. Even the second row seats have heating; so does the steering wheel. The wheels are upgraded to 20 inches. Autoride suspension, which greatly improves handling and overall driving comfort, comes standard on the LTZ. A side blind zone alert system keeps you safe as well.

Rear-wheel and four-wheel-drive models are available.

Chevrolet Tahoe Evolution

The first generation GMT400 vehicles were offered from 1992 to 1999 as the Yukon and from 1995 to 1999 as the Tahoe. They are three-door, five-door, or six-door SUVs. Diesel and V-8 engines are available on all models from these years.

A two-wheel drive Tahoe Limited, which has exclusive trim and a special paint job, was offered in the 2000 model year. The Tahoe Z71 was offered as well, with a light pewter metallic, victory red, emerald green metallic, or indigo blue metallic finish.

The GMT800 was the model designation for the replacement of the GMT400-series Chevrolet Tahoe. A 4.8-liter, 275 hp V-8 and a 5.3-liter 285 hp V-8 replace the old engines. A more aerodynamic body design sets it apart from the GMT400 as well. Stabilitrak suspension was offered in 2003. The GMT800 was offered from 2000 to 2006.

The GMT900 was first produced in 2007. The initial model has the Advanced Hybrid Engine System, which decreases fuel consumption. The front bumper and hood are redesigned in hybrid models to give the SUV a new appearance a sleeker appearance and help propel it to an EPA-estimated 23 mpg highway.

In 2009, a 6.2-liter engine was added to the top models, increasing horsepower to 403.

If looking for a 2010 vehicle, you may do a double take; mid-season the vehicles were redesigned with raised bumpers, new door trim, and side torso airbags.

If you want a safe and reliable Tahoe go for the mid-2010 model or newer, as GM had worked out many of the little issues that nibbled away at the vehicle. You can’t go wrong with a used model, though. Compared to other SUVs, the Tahoe provides a lot of power and exceptional safety features along with rugged usability.

Select a Chevrolet Tahoe Year

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

2014 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hybrid, SUV, Utility/Offroad

Aging gracefully, but in need of a replacement.

2012 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hybrid, SUV, Utility/Offroad

General Motors has made few changes to the Chevrolet Tahoe since building the SUV on a new chassis in late 2005 for the 2007 model year. For 2011, GM added several new colors and an integrated trailer-brake controller to the optional towing package.

2011 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hybrid, SUV, Utility/Offroad

On the Tahoe 1LS, audio system controls with two headphone jacks, Bluetooth, floor console with storage area, woodgrain interior trim, luggage rack center rails, body color door handles and mirror caps, and premium cloth front bucket seats are standard. The 1LTZ 4WD adds standard chrome recovery hooks and two-speed transfer case. An integrated brake controller now comes with the optional trailer towing package.

2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hybrid, SUV, Utility/Offroad

2009 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hybrid, SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe is a favorite pick for many reasons, including its attractive interior and towing ability.

2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hybrid, SUV, Utility/Offroad

While redesigned from the previous year, the 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV that’s as comfortable on the inside as it is rugged on the outside.

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The Tahoe is a full-size SUV made by Chevrolet.

2006 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe classifies as a full-size SUV manufactured by General Motors.

2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV is a great full-sized sport utility vehicle for off and on road.

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe seats up to nine, and with its powerful V-8 engine and a plethora of available options, it’s easy to see why this is the best-selling sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the marketplace.

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe is a shorter version of the Chevrolet Suburban and one of the industry’s best-selling full-size SUVs.

2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV that is very similar to the GMC Yukon.

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

While much of the Chevrolet sport utility vehicle lineup focuses on roadway driving and comfort, the 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe provides a pragmatic, functional alternative to the Chevrolet Suburban.

2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) that has a lot going for it in a very competitive market.

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

For some families, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) just doesn’t quite do the trick.

1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe is a full-size SUV manufactured by GM and sold under the Chevrolet trademark.

1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

Targeting customers looking for power and luxury, the 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe classifies as a full-size sport utility vehicle that offers increased handling both on the interstate and on city streets.

1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe hit the market in response to increasing demand for full-size four-door SUVs.

1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe is the rebranding of Chevrolet's sport utility vehicles (SUVs).