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2000 Chevrolet Venture

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2000 Chevrolet Venture Review

Take on any family adventure with the Venture.

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The Chevrolet Venture is a front-wheel-drive minivan introduced in 1997 as a replacement for the Chevrolet Lumina APV. In just a short time, the Venture already exceeded sales records of any previously-produced Chevrolet minivan. The Venture has way more appeal than the Lumina that preceded it. Despite being rather conservative aesthetically, the Venture still looks modern and contemporary with its sheet metal exterior capped by a bold chrome grille. It is powered by GM’s 3.4-liter, V-6 engine with 180 horsepower. All Venture models come standard with a four-speed automatic transmission.

The 2000 Chevrolet Venture is sold with seven available trims: the base, LS, LS Extended, LT, Value Van, Plus Extended, and Warner Brothers Edition. The LS trim is offered with a short wheelbase, while the LS Extended has a longer wheelbase. The LT trim is the upscale longer wheelbase LS. The Value Van includes basic equipment at a low price. The Warner Brothers Edition provides an entertainment system with a VCR and overhead flip down LCD television screen.

The Range

Body Styles: minivan
Engines: 3.4-liter V-6
Transmissions: four-speed automatic
Models: Chevrolet Venture, Chevrolet Venture LS, Chevrolet Venture LS Extended, Chevrolet Venture LT, Chevrolet Venture Value Van, Chevrolet Venture Plus Extended, Chevrolet Venture Warner Brothers Edition

What's New

For the 2000 model year, Chevrolet has added a trim for each end of the price spectrum. On the affordable end of the spectrum is the Value Van, which includes basic standard equipment at a very reasonable price. On the expensive end of the price spectrum is the Warner Brothers Edition, which includes styling enhancements like interior leather and an entertainment system. All Venture trims are now four-door vehicles in 2000 since the driver side slide door has become standard for all models. This means each trim has two conventional front doors with two sliding slide doors. Additionally each trim gets some new interior fabric patterns. The gauge cluster has been redesigned and enhanced with scratch proof lens. Also new in 2000 is a new Smoky Carmel exterior paint color.


The base, Value Edition, and LS trims are each 187 inches in length and ride a 112-inch wheelbase. The Plus Extended, LS Extended, LT, and Warner Brothers Edition trims are 201 inches long and ride a 187-inch wheelbase. Standard 15-inch tires provide a sizeable footprint for enhanced road handling. The LS model comes standard with a power operated passenger side sliding door. This feature is optional on all Ventures with the exception of the Value Van and the base cargo van. Each Venture model has a rear lift gate that swings upward.


The Venture can seat up to seven occupants. The LS, LS Extended, and LT trims each offer an optional eighth seat, making the Venture the first minivan with the option to seat more than seven people. Seating configurations vary and can include two front bucket seats with either a two-seat middle bench with a three-seat rear bench, two captain’s chairs in the middle row with a three-seat rear bench, or bucket seats for each seating position. The optional eighth seat comes in the form of three middle row bucket seats with a three-seat rear bench. With the exception of the two front bucket seats, all seats in each Venture model can be removed to maximize cargo space. The regular-size Venture can get up to 133 cubic feet of cargo space when seats are removed, while the extended-size models can get up to 156 cubic feet. The new interior fabrics and gauge cluster have spruced up the Venture’s interior.

Performance & Handling

The Venture is nice ride with sharp steering, smooth acceleration, and great handling. One negative is the high noise level that the Venture produces at highway speeds. The Venture is also a much stiffer feeling ride than other minivans.


The 2000 Chevrolet Venture comes standard with front driver and passenger airbags, frontal side impact airbags, and a four-wheel anti-lock braking system. The LT trim includes standard traction control, while the LS and Warner Brothers Edition offer traction control as an option. NHTSA crash test results rated the Venture with four stars for driver safety in frontal impact crashes. The Venture also received a four star rating for front and rear protection in side impact crashes.

EPA Fuel Economy

Chevrolet Venture: 19/26 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Rides and handles like a car
  • Power sliding door
  • Option to seat eight passengers
  • Optional entertainment center

You Won't Like

  • Conservative styling
  • Low quality fit and finish
  • Engine noise
  • Prone to electrical issues

Sum Up

Take on any family adventure with the Venture.

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