Chrysler Prowler

The Chrysler Prowler is a 1930s hot rod reincarnated. Built as a tribute to the models of yesteryear, the Prowler is touted as a collectible that will be remembered as a unique and innovative product of the Chrysler brand.

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Chrysler Prowler Origins

The Chrysler Prowler launched as a Plymouth vehicle in 1997 with a five-year scheduled run. The concept for the model was initially introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and received many accolades, which prompted Chrysler to reveal a production version at the North American International Auto Show in 1996. Production began at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, in 1997.

Plymouth manufactured the Prowler from 1997 to 2001, with production briefly ceasing in 1998. The Plymouth brand was discontinued in 2001, so Chrysler took over production for the 2002 model year.

The Prowler displays Chrysler's innovation, creativity, and dedication to performance. Its unique "hot rod" design replicates the open-wheel 1930s hot rods that were popular in the 1950s. The vehicle's transmission is located at the rear, an engine arrangement similar to that of the C5 Corvette and the Porsche 944. Though the car houses a highly criticized V-6 engine, its horsepower rating meets the expectations of a V-8 because of its unique adhesive-bonded aluminum design, which makes the car lightweight.

About the Chrysler Prowler

Car enthusiasts love the retro feel of the Prowler, and people of all ages appreciate its innovation and unique style. Though it looks as if it hails from the 1940s, under the hood the Chrysler Prowler boasts superior technological advances, while looking slick and sophisticated on the outside.

The Prowler features a proprietary shifter that allows the driver to shift gears with

a simple tap of the lever. Though people criticize the car for its V-6 engine, uncustomary in American hot rods, its light, aluminum build boosts its performance and proves that it can take the road with the best of them.

The Chrysler Prowler is also known for its "out of the box" colors, which further contribute to its collectability. In 1997, the Prowler was offered in a signature purple, which opened the door to its unique yellow in 1999. By the year 2000, lipstick red, black, and silver models followed. For Halloween, a festive "pumpkin-like" orange was introduced along with a two-toned black and silver car called the Black Tie Edition. The Mulholland Drive edition soon followed in sapphire blue with light blue striping. After all was said and done, 12 different colors and designs made it down the assembly line and into the garages of auto lovers everywhere.

Chrysler Prowler Features

Chrysler began the 2002 Prowler model year with the introduction of the silver color along with some minor technological enhancements to the run flat tire sensors and the receiver. Once the silver color made its debut, Inca gold was next in line, followed by the final color: candy red.

At a base price of just over $44,000, the 2002 model was the Prowler’s manufacturing exit. The car went out with a bang after Chrysler created only 300 models, offering them in deep candy apple red.

Though the Prowler meets with accolades from hot rod enthusiasts, this vehicle is not a sensible purchase for the practical buyer. With a measly 1.8 cubic feet of cargo room, large enough for a small briefcase, the vehicle is designed more for the thrill-seeker or car lover who can appreciate unique design. The suspension mimics a hot rod in that the passenger and driver can feel every bump on the road. With an interior capacity of 47.9 cubic feet, the model is more of a toy than a practical vehicle, though it wins praise from many.

Chrysler Prowler Evolution

The 1997 Prowler, built with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that provided 214 horsepower, is only available in purple metallic. In 1998, Chrysler Plymouth did not produce any more vehicles. Production resumed for the 1999 model year with a more powerful 253 horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

The 2000 model shows some notable changes. The suspension shocks and springs are different, and the redesigned tires provide a smoother ride. Some other additions include an auto-dimming rearview mirror and an automatic audio adjustment radio, which change the stereo volume according to the car's speed fluctuations. Chrome wheels come standard as well. The same year, Chrysler also introduced the Woodward and Black Tie Editions for the 2001 model year.

In January 2001, the Plymouth Prowler became the Chrysler Prowler due to the discontinuation of the Plymouth brand, and production continued until the 2002 model year. The Chrysler Prowler will forever remain a collectible among those who cherish its unique hot rod design and performance.

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2002 Chrysler Prowler

Convertible, Sports

The 2002 Chrysler Prowler has become outdated after being on the market for six seasons.

2001 Chrysler Prowler

Convertible, Sports

The 2001 Chrysler Prowler blends the style of a 1930s roadster with modern technology, making it an extremely unique vehicle.