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Performance-focused Dodge stands for all things American muscle. In addition to high-powered options like the Challenger and Charger, Dodge also offers practical SUVs like the Durango and Journey, the former of which is even offered with a sporty SRT variant.


Least Expensive: The V-6 Challenger SXT rear-wheel-drive coupe is the least expensive Dodge, starting at around $30,000.


Most Expensive: Featuring an 807-hp version of the same supercharged V-8 in the Hellcat Redeye, the Challenger SRT Super Stock is the most powerful and priciest trim of any Dodge model, with a price tag around $83,000.

26 / Hwy 19 / City
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23 / Hwy 15 / City
Overview The Dodge Challenger is Mopar's old-school alternative to the more recently updated and more focused...
30 / Hwy 19 / City
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