Dodge B350

The Dodge B350 is a full-size, one-ton van produced from 1981 through 1994. Dodge produced some of the most popular cargo and passenger vans during that time period. Manufactured with "uniframe" construction (which allows the vehicle to be lighter and have a lower center of gravity), Dodge vans are at the forefront of providing America with light- and heavy-duty vans.

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Dodge B350 Origins

Dodge began marketing B-series vans in 1971; over the decades they’ve remained a leader in the van market. Few changes have been made to the overall look of their vans from that time. As time passes, the front ends become a bit longer, and the engines move forward to increase driver cabin space. But the features and fixtures have remained constant since the 1970s.

Prior to 1971, the A-series Dodge vans looked and performed dramatically different. The B-series vans offer many improvements in design and function from the A-series vans. Wind resistance is cut, increasing mileage and lessening noise inside the vehicle. A new, single windshield replaces the two sheets of plate glass in the previous A-series models.

The suspension has a new, independent design and makes use of coil springs. The B-series also includes two-speed wipers, turn signals, and backup lights, which were not available in its A-series counterparts. The B-series incorporates many features and comforts commonly found in cars.

About the Dodge B350

The Dodge B350, also known as the Dodge Ram 350 Van, is a one-ton heavy-duty van that can haul cargo efficiently. Like the three-quarter ton Dodge Ram 250 van, changes in the exterior of the vehicle are limited to those that allow Dodge to meet crash standards. Not known for its fuel economy (getting only 11/14 mpg city/highway) the Dodge Ram 350 Van contains a 22-gallon fuel tank, making frequent stops for gas necessary.

Dodge B350 Features

In its final year of production, the 1994 Dodge B350 Ram Van continued to provide drivers with a way of hauling cargo without sacrificing performance. Equipped with a standard 5.2-liter V-8 which made 220 hp engine and a four-speed automatic transmission, it may be advisable to select the optional 5.9-liter V-8 engine to enhance performance. The basic engine gives 220 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Standard features include vinyl captain chairs, power steering, and rear-wheel ABS. Sixteen-inch wheels come standard. Tinted windows, power brakes, and power steering are also standard, as well as an AM/FM audio system.

Among its optional equipment, you may choose limited slip differential and four-wheel ABS. Cruise control, a tilt steering wheel, and air-conditioning are also optional, along with power windows and door locks. The one-ton capacity is supported by its 127.6-inch wheel base.

Many vendors provide van conversion packages for the Dodge Ram Van line of vehicles. Equipped with the camper/towing package, you can make your van your home away from home by converting the interior to a camper, or you can store equipment in your cargo box and pull a travel trailer or boat instead. Additional options include a rear step bumper, keyless entry system, and sunscreen glass.

The 1994 Dodge B350 Maxi Ram Van lets you haul longer items with its 231.2-inch length. Available in three- or four-door vans or a three- or four-door wagon (as a passenger van), it provides the flexibility for hauling cargo or passengers. Quite popular with schools and churches, Dodge was the first manufacturer to provide 15-passenger seating in a van.

Standard equipment includes two vinyl captain chairs, vinyl passenger seating, power brakes, power steering, tinted glass, an AM/FM audio system, and 16-inch wheels.

Like the B350 Ram Van, the Maxi Ram Van comes equipped with a 5.2-liter V-8 and a four-speed automatic transmission. A 5.9-liter V-8 engine is optional (and recommended). Rear-wheel ABS comes standard. Other options include cruise control, a tilt steering wheel, air-conditioning, power windows and door locks, sunscreen glass, keyless entry, and a rear step bumper. Four-wheel ABS is optional, as is limited slip differential. Dodge also offers an AM/FM/Cassette audio system as an option.

The Camper/Towing Package allows drivers to haul eight to 15 passengers and tow a RV or boat as well. The 15-passenger van offers a sliding side door for an easy way to get passengers in and out of the vehicle.

Gas mileage is dismal; expect 11/15 mpg city/highway. The standard 22-gallon tank necessitates frequent stops for fuel. In certain model years an optional 5.2-liter engine with CNG was offered, increasing the driving range to 300 miles on a full tank.

The increased cargo space provided by the 1994 Dodge B350 Maxi Cargo Van and Wagon makes it a popular choice for companies and institutions that need to move items and people from place to place.

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1996 Dodge B350


The 1996 Dodge B350 continues the B-Series line as part of the third generation.