2001 Dodge Durango

  • 2001 Dodge Durango Base Sport Utility

    Base Sport Utility

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    • ENGINE
      4.7L V8
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2001 Dodge Durango Review

A full-size SUV on a budget.

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The 2001 Dodge Durango classifies as a sport utility vehicle (SUV) based on the Dodge Dakota pickup design. The Durango is an odd model that seems to be torn between an offroad performance truck and a passenger vehicle. With a limited list of standard amenities and a powerful stock engine, the Durango has the potential to be a decent off roader. However, the tight roadway performance and three rows of seating better suit a passenger vehicle.

Drivers looking for a standard off roader or passenger SUV often pass by the Durango. The extra seating and roadway performance are not particularly helpful if drivers mainly utilize the vehicle off road. The lack of standard amenities makes it a little weak as a passenger vehicle, especially when coupled with the weak fuel economy. However, the Durango still appeals to customers in some areas. It handles similarly to the Dakota, so Dakota pickup drivers feel right at home with the Durango. In addition, the Durango does have the potential to be a good vehicle for drivers who need to move passengers through difficult terrain.

The Range

Body Styles: SUV
Engines: 4.7-liter eight-cylinder, 5.9-liter eight-cylinder
Transmissions: four-speed automatic
Models: Dodge Durango Sport

What's New

The Dodge Durango under goes a substantial redesign in 2001. Also, aluminum wheels now come standard on the Durango.


The Durango measure in at 193.3 inches long, which makes it about as long as the Dakota with a regular cab selection. Privacy glass, aluminum alloy wheels, and a roof rack comprise the standard equipment. Visually, the Durango’s Dakota roots seem quite obvious. The front end of the 2001 Dodge Durango looks exactly like the Dakota. Essentially, the Durango looks like a Dakota with the cab stretched over to cover the entire truck bed.


The 2001 Dodge Durango provides a very comfortable cabin with a spacious interior. The standard amenities remain pretty light, consisting of a front console, power windows, power locks, and an AM/FM radio. As a result, basic amenities, like air-conditioning, mark common options selected by most buyers. The Durango provides a comfortable vehicle to ride in, but it does not reach the same level as some of the luxury SUVs on the market.

Performance & Handling

The Durango offers amazing performance overall. Both engine options compete with the offerings from the full-size Dodge Ram. Drivers with either choice find that the Durango provides good acceleration. The Durango does not focus on true cargo hauling, so the maximum payload gets limited to 1642 pounds. This seems like an impressive amount for an SUV, just not on the same level as the Dakota. Turning feels very tight and almost like a much smaller vehicle. It does not quite reach the same level as a car, but it also feels nowhere near as cumbersome as a full-size SUV.


The 2001 Dodge Durango includes dual front airbags, electronic brake force distribution, and rear-wheel anti-lock brakes as standard safety equipment.

EPA Fuel Economy

Dodge Durango 4.7-liter eight-cylinder: 12/17mpg city/highway
Dodge Durango 5.9-liter eight-cylinder: 11/16 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Large interior
  • Powerful base engine
  • Third-row seat

You Won't Like

  • Weak fuel economy
  • Bumpy ride in some cases

Sum Up

A full-size SUV on a budget.

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