Dodge Sedan Buying Guide

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Dodge Avenger Sedan

2014-2008 |Midsize

The Dodge Avenger is a chameleon of sorts.

Dodge Charger Sedan

2019-2006 |Midsize

The original Dodge Charger was built from 1966 through the early 1970s.

Dodge Dart Sedan

2016-2013 |Compact, Midsize

Dodge Intrepid Sedan

2004-1995 |Midsize

Dodge Neon Sedan

2005-1995 |Compact

The Dodge Neon is a budget-minded compact car sold from 1995 to 2005.

Dodge Spirit Sedan

1995 |Midsize

The Dodge Spirit is a four-door midsize sedan sold from 1989 to 1995.

Dodge SRT-4 Sedan

2005-2003 |Compact

Dodge Stratus Sedan

2006-1995 |Midsize, Sports

The Dodge Stratus was originally released in 1995 as a replacement for the Dodge Spirit.