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2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500

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2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Review

Offers best in class interior space, vehicle reliability, towing capacity, and build quality.

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Originally built by Mercedes Benz back in the mid-1990s, the commercial/passenger van known as the Sprinter enjoyed a unique level of status in the automotive industry, winning the International Van Of The Year award during its inaugural year in 1995. Eight years later in 2003, Daimler and Chrysler wheeled out a Dodge-labeled version of the Sprinter known as the Dodge Sprinter for the North American market. Virtually identical to Freightliner Trucks, the Dodge Sprinter was available in 2007 as either a 2500 series with a towing capacity of 5000 pounds or a 3500 with a 7500-pound towing capacity.

The Range

Body Styles: full-size passenger/cargo van
Engines: 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine; 3.5-liter gasoline driven V-6
Transmissions: five-speed shiftable automatic transmission
Models: Dodge Sprinter 3500 144 WB, Dodge Sprinter 3500 170 WB

What's New

To mark the 2007 model year, the Dodge Sprinter series received a substantial upgrade from its previous trims, with a selection of bigger body styles leading the way. The largest of these takes the name ""mega"" for good reason: a seven-foot interior height coupled with a class-leading 600 cubic feet of cargo room. There’s been an adjustment to the steering column as well, known as a welcomed upgrade to a tilt/telescoping style. The once-standard turbo diesel V-6 engine also received a well-needed torque boost up to 280 lb-ft while a 3.5-liter, gas-burning V-6 joins the ranks.


The Dodge Sprinter’s closest rivals in the passenger van market are Ford and General Motors, and while the Dodge’s European-inspired cargo vehicle may be less well known to American consumers, the Sprinter goes beyond merely competing; it runs away with the top prize. A full 2.5 feet larger than Ford and GM’s models, the Dodge Sprinter is available in two wheelbases: 144 and 170 inches; three full-body lengths: 233, 273, and 289 inches; and three cabin heights: 65, 76, and 84 inches. Massive front/dual side cabin windows help give the 3500 Dodge Sprinter excellent visibility for drivers and passengers alike.


Specifically designed to be totally customizable depending on buyer needs, the 2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 provides a laundry list of features and packages, some including but not limited to: automatic headlamps and wipers, cruise control, power-folding side mirrors, back window tint, sliding rear windows, sunroof, heated front cabin seats, lots of cargo area partitions, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, an electronic speed limiting function that keeps the van from exceeding 70 mph, and a healthy selection of stereo systems and phone connectivity. With 600 cubic feet of cargo space, the 2007 Dodge Sprinter’s spacious-laden versatility is beyond compare across the market.

Performance & Handling

Buyers have the option of getting their 2007 Dodge Sprinter fitted with either a standard three-liter, turbo diesel, V-6 engine that’s good for 154 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque or the 3.5-liter, gasoline-burning V-6 that ups the horsepower rate with 254 and drops off slightly in terms of torque with 250 lb-ft. Both engine choices come standard as a five-speed automatic whereas the primary difference between the 2500, and the 3500 Dodge Sprinter is in relation to its towing capacity: 5000 pounds for the 2500 and an extra 2500 pounds on top of that for the 3500 series. While the ride may feel choppy, the handling is nonetheless quite nimble for such a large and unusually shaped vehicle, handling the road with a comparable degree of skill found in most SUVs and vans.


While the Dodge Sprinter 3500 hasn’t been ranked in any major crash tests, the 2007 model come loaded with a wide array of safety features: electronic stability control specially tuned to handle the Sprinter’s weight capacity and top-heavy bulk, four-wheel drive anti-lock brakes, optional front seat side, and front side curtain airbags, and dual front/rear height adjustable headrests.

EPA Fuel Economy

2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 gas-powered engine: 15/19 mpg city/highway
2007 Dodge Sprinter 3500 diesel engine: 18/22 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Mercedes-inspired passenger van forms the cornerstone of its overall design quality
  • Ample cargo space/passenger capacity
  • Excellent fuel economy for its class and size
  • Good handling despite its size

You Won't Like

  • Expensive

Sum Up

Offers best in class interior space, vehicle reliability, towing capacity, and build quality.

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