How to Sell a Used Car

July 24, 2017
Whether you need money for a down payment on a new vehicle, or you're just ready for a change, selling your used car can be an advantageous financial decision, especially if you take the time to fully research its worth and properly advertise and market the vehicle. It's important to know how to sell used car effectively. Far too many people jump into the first sale option that comes along and don't get the full value of the vehicle. With the right tips, you can be sure when you sell your used car, you and the person buying it, are getting the best possible deal.

Selling Your Used Car: Getting Ready

Learn the True Value

One of the first things to do before actively attempting to sell your car is to do some research. Most people think their used car is worth more than it is. Understanding fair pricing is a vital step in knowing how to sell a used car. The last thing you want to do when selling your used car is list it with a very high asking price. A fair price is sure to get more attention than some outrageous amount. Check the value of your car's make, model, and year on reliable websites. It also helps to take a look at what other sellers are asking for the same or a similar vehicle. Once you have an estimate in mind, consider any damage that may have occurred to the body and any repairs that may need to be made. If possible, take care of these things yourself before putting it on the market. If you can't or are unwilling to, adjust the price accordingly.

Get Dressed for the Dance

Before you can attract someone, you have to look your best. The same thing applies to selling your used car. In order to attract the right kind of attention, the car needs to look its best. A thorough cleaning and detailing will ensure that your used car looks as good as possible. It also helps if your used car has recently had a tune up. Naturally, you will mention any work that has been done to your used car during the negotiation phase. Once the car is looking good and ready to go, take detailed pictures of its exterior and interior. These are especially useful for online advertising and can also be used for some newspaper ads. If you engage in email communication with future buyers, the pictures are good for showing off the car without spending a great deal of time showing the car in person. If you don't like the results you get from your photo taking skills, consider enlisting the help of a friend with a good eye. It's about whatever works.

Selling Your Used Car: Making the Sale

Getting the Word Out

No one is going to buy your used car if they don't know it's for sale. Word of mouth can be incredibly useful. Let your friends, family, and co-workers know it is on the market. Another useful advertising tool is the internet. There are several reputable classified sites you can check out. Some are free, while others ask for a small fee. Local newspaper ads aren't as effective as they used to be due to the growing popularity and ease of online advertising. Still, you can try it if the advertising is affordable.

Writing the Ad

How to sell a used car has a lot to do with writing the ad. When writing an ad to sell your used car, it helps to keep the message as accurate, short, and easy-to-understand as possible. Just give the basic details along with pertinent information like mileage, and go from there. Don't worry about being too creative. Just tell people everything you know about your used car.

Meeting with Potential Buyers

One of the most time consuming parts of selling your used car yourself is meeting with prospective buyers. Whether you are meeting the person on the phone or in person, be sure to have the important information close at hand. The mileage, specifications, and other details are important to the buyer. When potential buyers stop by to look at the vehicle, be honest answering any questions they may have. It's a good way to build confidence and is just good business practice.

The Legalities

When it comes to what the DMV requires for a used car sale, it varies from state to state. Some states are as simple as changing the information on the title certificate, while others require a visit to the offer and an official transfer complete with proof of insurance, fees, and tax payment. To be on the safe side, call your local DMV for state specific information to ensure you don't miss a crucial step.

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