Ad Radar

Eric, We had the Nissan Altima in our midsize sedan comparo (linked in this one), and it finished 4th out of 5. Our editors found the Altima to have an excellent chassis and drivetrain, but it was lacking in refinement, and with a sub-par interior. This is a different pool, but we weren't compelled to test it this time around. As automakers update lineups, we're constantly looking at new comparisons, and contenders. We wouldn't be surprised if you see a Nissan featured in one of our upcoming tests. -Matt

Our staff was really taken with the Mazda, José and Bret. The Mazda6 i-Eloop is not technically a Hybrid, but uses capacitors to harness excess energy, to power things like the electrical components. It's also fun and looks good. Ultimately, it's 10 mpg disadvantage against the true hybrids was too much to overlook. -Matt