Car Safety Systems: How Do They Protect You?

See how car safety features like airbags and adaptive cruise control kick in quickly to protect you.

February 01, 2013
Airbags. Anti-lock brakes. Adaptive cruise control. You hear these terms all the time in modern car commercials, reviews, and at dealerships. But what exactly do they do? The short answer is: They keep you safe. But exactly how they do it, and what they don't do, is important to know. For example, do anti-lock brakes help your car stop faster? How quickly do your airbags take to fully inflate in an accident? And what is this "adaptive cruise control," anyhow? What is it adapting to? In our latest installment of Cars, Simplified, we answer these questions to help you get a handle on vehicle safety. Check it out below, and test your knowledge. You might be surprised at what you know, or don't know, already.

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