Beyond Hot Air: Driving Toyota's Hydrogen Car and Future Technology in Japan

Toyota pulls out all the stops to show us what it's got

November 01, 2013
Do you ever wonder how Blackberry once dominated the smartphone industry six years ago and is now in the verge of going under? It'd be easy to blame the iPhone or Android, but that’s sort of like saying that the pig that made its house out of sticks should sue the Big Bad Wolf for his house’s apparent lack of structural integrity. Maybe assault, however. A huffy carnivore can only do so much to force an insurance claim. At some point, the pig should have learned how to build a better house. Toyota, in the long run, doesn't want to become the pig the way that Blackberry did. It doesn't want to let an industry define what it is and strictly abide by those rules. Blackberry defined itself as a work-friendly, email-ready phone. Apple defined its product as a multimedia communications solution, an ever-changing computer that fits in your pocket in your ever-changing life.
Now Japan's largest automaker is trying to become the iPhone of mobility, perhaps even your life. Toyota invited us to Japan to see what it's up to, allowing us to drive everything from a prototype hydrogen vehicle that will be sold in the U.S. by 2015 to scooters and medical devices. Heck, we even went inside a prefabbed Toyota-built tract home. Yes, those exist. It's all in the name of becoming much more than just what you drive; it's about becoming a provider of solutions to help live your life easier. So let's see what Toyota's got.
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