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Six Cars That Could’ve Made It

Always root for the underdogs.

By Blake Z. Rong | October 22, 2012
"I coulda been a contender," said Brando, and indeed these cars could’ve been too. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. But for reasons beyond the padded salaries of product planning executives, they didn’t, and now you, Mister or Miss Enterprising And Savvy Consumer, can pick one up for cheap. Are they bad cars? Well, they’re no class leaders. But will they lower your social standing in front of your neighbors, or give you an embarrassing rash in an area of your body that only your general practitioner knows about? No. So, instead, let’s use the phrase "under-appreciated." Spurred by the glorious, unyielding force of nature that is depreciation, these cars are great bargains, serving their intended functions as well as when they were new. And just think—if you squirrel them away in your parents’ Upstate New York bungalow for 50 years, as old cars are wont to turn up, they’ll be worth up to $2,500 dollars on Future Ebay. And isn’t that worth it?
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