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Six Cars That Could’ve Made It

Always root for the underdogs.

By Blake Z. Rong | October 22, 2012

Ford Freestyle/Taurus X

X marks the spot, which is where pirates and late-'80s rappers claim is where all the booty is hiding. The Ford Freestyle--later known as the Taurus X--had a pretty big booty itself, sufficient for any amount of heavy pirate lucre, but it did more hiding than being discovered by consumers. Ford called it a "crossover," simply because they raised the suspension to clear a Juicy Juice box and because crossovers were reaching Tamagotchi-levels of popularity. It's like calling yourself an actor because someone gave you a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles T-shirt. The Freestyle didn’t fare any better when its Mountain-Dew-inspired name was changed to the dramatic-sounding "Taurus X," which seemed to recall pornography and a long-running 1990s conspiracy drama at the same time. Which is a shame. Because a roomy, practical car is a roomy, practical car, no matter what inane moniker it’s saddled with. And the FreeTaurus X pleasantly anonymous styling is coupled with decent driving manners and, oh yeah, that commodious cargo hold.
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