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Top 10 Incentives for June 2013

Whether it's cash in your pocket or a great financing offer, June has some great incentives for you.

By Rss | June 06, 2013
    • It's time once again for the list of the month's best incentive deals. This month we've brought you a handful of cash incentives on top of a select few financing deals on some great cars. Want to get behind the wheel of that Camaro you've had your eye on for the past few months? With summer weather finally here, you can afford to put the top down and be the envy of everyone you pass.We know convertibles and sports cars are all everyone wants, so we've added some trucks, SUVs, and sedans in the mix to give you all the options. Thinking about getting a Volkswagen? Well, this month all models are offering great deals, making it possible for you to take your pick. Like every month, there are definitely cars out there with better offers, but as we wouldn't recommend them to our worst enemy, it didn't feel right to include them on the list.Check out the list below to see if your future car is offering a great deal this month.

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