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Top Six Cars in Costume

Cars can play dress-up too; we pick our six faves from the screen.

By Matthew Askari | October 30, 2012
    • On one day at the end of October every year, Americans go bat-shirts crazy -- sometimes literally wearing bat shirts, masks, or similar -- essentially stymieing every convention and norm of everyday dress. Halloween gives us all an excuse to dress up; grade-school teachers suddenly become naughty nurses; nurses become eager teachers; corporate raiders dress like real raiders; pumpkins get stabbed; kids strategize for sugar highs; the world is fair and decent. But what about our beloved cars?In the spirit of the season, we're picking our six favorite cars in costume. Yes, cars can play dress-up too. And these aren't just any cars, they're notorious and venerated; they're cars you know and recognize from the big and small screen. We realize there are dozens, maybe hundreds of picks that could make this list, so we formulated a few rough parameters. If you're reading this, then you probably grew up frying your eyes in front of a tube or sitting up close in movie theaters (you're in good company, we did too). So we wanted these to be well-known selections. They also can't just be regular, production cars; they have to be in some way different, altered, in "costume." Without further delay, we bring you our six faves.

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